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  1. Happy Birthday Russ F6!

  2. Happy Birthday Russ F6!

  3. Happy Birthday Russ F6!

  4. Happy Birthday lowroller!

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  6. Happy Birthday s351!

  7. Happy Birthday Anthony M!

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  11. Happy Birthday Russ F6!

  12. Happy Birthday Russ F6!

  13. I wouldn't be driving it hard without a retune done on it mate, a lot of money's worth of engine to spend if she goes pop just for the sake of a retune Russ
  14. What mods have you got planned for it? Russ
  15. I pay $980 a year with GIO, max no claim bonus, I'm 26 and driving a FG XR6 Turbo. I do have a few other things insured with them like house, contents, rental house and so on. I think the multi policy discount is the way to go. Russ
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