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    I love going out, having fun and driving hard
  1. Happy Birthday Ghiagirl!

  2. Ok, so when's the next one?
  3. My god, if you fellas are this worked up already, what will you be like on Saturday??? I'll be happy to hang out at the back with you if you want Ryan, but I'm not sure.......I might like to cruise around with my dad (not 'pops' thanks Mercury!! Jeez, what do you think he is 100??!!!) for a change. If anyone needs a CB for the night I have a spare, as long as I get it back at the end of the night yeah?
  4. Sounds good, I'll try not to hold everyone up too much ok? See you all there.........
  5. Hey people, I haven't done the run down thru the national park, so I will see you all at Heathcote ok? Put me down as a certainty, I've okayed it with the other half, who will be sitting at home watching the kidlets where he belongs.......
  6. Spotted..... Red G6ET plate GWS 300 in Shellharbour Square carpark today in a disabled spot with no disabled sticker that I could see * shakes head*
  7. Sure, sounds good. See you there
  8. Who in their right mind eats weetbix AND gravy????? EWWWW!!!!
  9. Is anyone going to put up a cruise calendar for 2009 so we have a rough idea of what's going on and when?
  10. Ghiagirl

    Your First Car?

    A 1982 XE falcon. White, 4.1 ltr manual. I figured if I could learn to drive that (it was HUGE and didn't have power steering) I could drive anything after that!
  11. Ghiagirl

    Advice Needed!

    One thing I've learnt with BBQ's, they are definitely one of those things where the more it costs, the better it is, longer it lasts etc, etc..... look to spend around $2k for a decent one...
  12. So let me get this straight.... You got cut off... By a Prius.... With a Kevin07 sticker..... Why won't they let regular people have Tasers? Imagine the possibilities.....What would one of them do to a Prius?
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