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  1. Happy Birthday DAN682!

  2. Happy Birthday DAN682!

  3. Happy Birthday DAN682!

  4. Happy Birthday DAN682!

  5. Ok so I got the wiring through, connected everything up and I am left with this square grey connector still, I am starting to think it may have to do something with towing a caravan or something? I can only assume it connects power to a van as it has a solid 12v running through it when I meter it.
  6. Hey everybody, I just had a towbar fitted to the typhoon, it is a really neat job and I am very happy with it, I asked the mechanic not to worry about putting the towbar wiring kit in as I would do it myself, also I was just going to hang it out of the boot when I needed it. However... I have changed my mind, the wiring kit has that new square plug on it so I was going to plumb it through and pot rivet it to the bottom of the reece hitch, anyway I have reverse sensors installed in the car and I am left with a grey square plug which I am unsure where it is supposed to connect into. Does anybody have the instructions or can help me out with it please? I was there when the wiring kit was delivered and it came with nothing except the actual item. Cheers
  7. I couldn't agree more Ramon, I love mine except for how slow it is with the iPod navigation. The quicker they upgrade it from ainet to fullspeed the better, it is so painfully slow searching artists etc...
  8. I was going to get them because I do a heap of country driving an thought they would give me more light? I guess this is wrong?
  9. Ok sweet. Thanks for the info EDIT: So this is better? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=170149013583 Or is Bi xenon totally different?
  10. I have seen on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...A:IT&ih=014 That you can get these, is there any problem with putting these into a F6? The main worry would be with them getting too hot and melting the plastics in my headlight Has anybody done a conversion?
  11. Suspension is always a good place to start, but the best handling mod you can ever do to any car is get some driver training at a skid pan. If you are in Perth, the AHG Driving centre at the International airport rocks. I have had my WRX and MPS out there, I have not taken the F6 out there yet. It is well worth the $80 odd to be able to go crazy in your car in a controlled safe environment.
  12. The guy is a f*cktard. I wrote a 3 page letter to Colin Lane about him. I have spoken to more than 3 people about him and they all say the same as you and I. Also I found it interesting when I got the Motor Vehicle Dealers Registry Board involved because of the deal I had with them, I said his first name and the random guy on the other end completed it for me. For a board that deals with every dealership in Australia, I think that is telling you something about the guy. All I can think is that he has something over Colin down there for Colin not to fire him. I heard his sales are great and that is excellent, but rest assured, I will never buy a ford from any one of the Lane Dealerships again and I will tell everybody who remotely looks at a ford not to deal with them because of that guy. I did talk with Paul at one stage and he was a nice guy, Also another sales guy there named Nathan was ok, Nathan actually took me for the test drive and did most of the ground work on me and then he was ousted but Vogels on the commission because Paul and Vogels had some kind of deal, I felt sorry for the guy over this, I also let Colin know in the letter about the dodgey sh*t Vogels did with the commission. I hope it all worked out for you and your mum, best thing to do is not deal with that dealership!
  13. 1 in particular.. his name is Marcel Vogels and he is an A GRADE wa*ker! You wouldn't have dealt with the oxygen thief if you bought new.
  14. Looks like you bought it from Lane Ford looking at the brick wall. I hope you had a better experience than I did with them.
  15. 11.8/100km was my all time record usually sits around 12.5/100km This is by doing the proper calculation and not taking the stupid ICC's word for it.. The ICC displays something like 18l/100 I usually make around 530km to ~63L
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