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  1. Happy Birthday rednuts81!

  2. Happy Birthday rednuts81!

  3. Happy Birthday rednuts81!

  4. Happy Birthday rednuts81!

  5. What about facebook is there a law about posting or starting a page on facebook about what happened to my piece of sh*t car? I posted a massive speal on a ranger page and it was takin off straight away lol
  6. f*ckers..... Were do I start thow I was dealing with the skanks at CRC who handle all ford consumer probs but they would only put me threw to there manager witch surprise surprise was a f*ckin women, She pritty much told me to stop calling and have my sh*t second hand car
  7. ok so they are sending the car back from Q Ford in Brisbane to Gladstone and they reckon they cant find any thing wrong with it so because they spent so much money shipping it down there and on a rent a car for me there will be no compansation at all. Those ford sluts are dumb as f*ck, that is all
  8. Most cars are made in good old thailand now Nissan, toyota and Ford rangers lol , it could be flood water damage hahahaha
  9. Yeh they r built in tialand like every thing else is these days , its not only going into limp its actually losing power and stalling now, it just die s and its mostly when doing 100 kmph . so yeh its dangerous I think any way. Never buying a car from them f*cktards again
  10. Hey Tab , yeh ive been dealing with them but they r just as bad just givin me the run around mate they have said they will compensate me with a hard cover and hopefully a bull bar , but at the end of the day they r going to tell me there is nothing wrong with it and give me back a dangerous car.
  11. Lol been looking at that my solicitor is working on it now , I have my own plan to cost them some money :sungum: . Fair Traiding is a joke to so dont bother with them , f*ckin hopeless lol
  12. Yep Yep that's what they are like, I just talked to queensland head tek at Q Ford in Bris and he said he cant fault it now and that having the data log would have helped them fix it properly. Now it looks like the f*ck tards are going to say there is nothing wrong with it now and give it back. I think they should sign some sort of contract saying that if there is an accident caused by this car dropping dead in the middle of the free way they should be liable for any damages or loss of life. Out of all this thow no one rang from gladstone to say sorry or follow up ive had to ring around all the time and it was even a struggle to get a car off them to drive around in.
  13. Ok just an update and a warning when buying a new car. Its been 8 weeks now and Fraud still have my car. Never buy a car from Reef City Ford in Gladstone man what a bunch of retards. After the third time they Tried to fix the problem they told me if it happeneds again bring it back with the fault code s up so we can do a data store on it and send it to ford Australias top tek. I drove it 80kms and all the faults come back so I took it back they saved all the data and reset the computer. Before they could send the info off they did an upgrade on the dianostic machine and wiped all the data off it . They rented me a car ( Camery) and said leave it with us we will fix it, I went and seen the dealer prin and he had no clue and didnt want to help get me a replacment car or money back. Ford Australia or CRC said they were determined to fix it, so Gladstone had it for 4 weeks and did more than 1200kms in it and cant get it to fault, so they sent it to brisbane and its been there for over a week now and they are as usefull as a cock favoured lollie pop. They pritty much said there is nothing wrong with it and it could be right to go (Q Ford did 800 kms in it as well) I got on to fair traiding a month ago and they said they were looking in to it but cant enforce any of those laws to get me a new car , that I would have to get a solicitor witch I have now. At the end of the day I will end up with a new replacement car and empty pockets because of the money I have lost allready on missing work ect and solicitors or ill have an unsafe used car with 3000kms on it. When fair traiding rang Chris from reef city ford in gladstone the dog lied to them and said that they never had a fault with the car but couldnt explain why it has been there for 4 weeks lol this is the type of people that work there. I could have went into more detail but it would take me all day to write lol
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