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  1. Happy Birthday lowroller!

  2. Happy Birthday lowroller!

  3. Happy Birthday lowroller!

  4. I went and saw Con at Diff Technics about it and he rightly found it to be the front left bearing after we went for a test drive. He was happy to let me fix it and it's been sweet since. Very honest and up front guy. I'd happily go back if drive line issues come up in the future.
  5. I've done a search on all of them and they all sound good. Speedy diffs is closest to mine as I'm in Maroubra. Are any of you running 9", or just the one that came with the xr6t? I don't plan on going above 400rwkw so the standard reco-ed diff should be fine right?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Will get onto one of them soon. I miss driving to work, heh.
  7. Anyway, I've given up trying to work it out. I need someone who knows their stuff in sydney
  8. Need work on my diff (or maybe a replacement). Not really sure what's causing the problem but it's gone through 2 right rear wheel bearings in less than a year and I'm not lead footing it. It's a stock bf turbo ute.
  9. Happy Birthday lowroller!

  10. I think I can safely say it's not the floor mat after last night. I was driving slowly when I noticed I had no acceleration and the ETC warning light was on. The speedo wasn't working before this happened either, but I wasn't driving far or fast so I ignored that (it always starts working again after I turn the ignition off and on again) So I pulled over and turned the key off and on, all was normal again.. A trip to Ford, huh?
  11. I changed the floor mats from the ones I used to have because they used to roll over on the clutch side, but these ones haven't been doing it. When I pulled over I didn't notice the mat in a strange position.. Just a question.. If the mat rolls under the pedal, doesn't that stop you from being able to accelerate rather than stopping the pedal from coming back up? I might take the driver side mat out altogether just to be sure and drive cautious for a while.
  12. Was driving home tonight and gave the car a bit (nothing crazy) at a set of lights. While I was changing through the gears I noticed the engine was revving out when I put the clutch in (even though my right foot was off). So I put the clutch in, shifted into neutral, turned the engine off (It was revving up to 5000 or somewhere like that) and pulled off the road. After I pulled over I tried to start it again and it was still revving high so I turned it off and waited some more. 15 minutes or so later it was back to normal and I drove home. Tried a few quick starts from standing now and then to replicate what happened but all seems normal.. Anyone else had this happen or know why it happened?
  13. I checked the mounts and bolts again and the engine is sitting fine and not moving around. Will get under the car tomorrow to see if there's anything moving around more than it should (like exhaust). If I find nothing and it gets worse I'll take it somewhere. If it doesn't get worse I'll just take it as a sign that it's nothing to worry about Thanks guys.
  14. Rosie: I checked the cross member bolts and the engine mount bolts except the bolt on the driver side engine mount which I can't get to at all. It seems the only way I can get to it will be to take the turbo off. Wenier: It's more than just a little. It's not exactly rattling or anything but it's very noticeable and hard to ignore. Thanks for your replys btw!
  15. I have a BF XR6T magnet ute with a 6 speed manual with a vibration problem. The clutch pedal and the gear stick both vibrate when accelerating and it gets worse as the revs rise. If I'm not in gear and just rolling the problem is not there. The vibration is in all gears. It doesn't happen with the clutch in. I don't feel anything strange with the operation of the clutch as far as changing gears and it's not noisey, but the vibration is very noticeable and starting to worry me. I haven't driven any other manual XR6t's so I don't know if this is normal or not.. I hope not. The car is bog stock standard with no mods. Hoping someone might have an idea what might be the problem here.
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