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  1. Happy Birthday built2redline!

  2. Happy Birthday built2redline!

  3. Happy Birthday built2redline!

  4. Happy Birthday bionic_oosty!

  5. Happy Birthday Iroar!

  6. Happy Birthday 510_XR!

  7. Happy Birthday ice186!

  8. Happy Birthday built2redline!

  9. chilly beer..from the u.s. .... be carefull with this one! it had my mouth looking for the nearest tap asahi from japan... not too bad but nothing to write home about grolsh from germany... nice but comes in huge bottles, 2 or 3 and your done elephant beer from Thailand? stronguest beer I have ever had ... its like 2.3 standard drinks for each 330ml bottle and will f*ck you up! and many others... cant remember most though LOL
  10. ill give you a little taste of what to look foward to when you rip her appart oh the joy!!
  11. had a bit of a mishap with the ute and bent the rear passenger side axle... where or who do I see about getting this fixed?
  12. take it from some one who bought a T56 (6speed Manual) off a ba xr8 that it doesnt fit!.. the xr8 box is longer as well as the bellhousing being different.. and then theres the cog ratios they are different too.
  13. also the xr8s box is longer to acommodate for the shorter motor as well.. from memory its about 80-100mm.. so it wont fit even if you change the bellhousing
  14. so what was the fix? damn its like watching a really good movie and then theres no ending

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