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  1. Ticking Noise Very Loud..

    Loose turbo bolts caused mine to do exactly what you're describing, then the O2 sensors went and made it use around 20-30L/100 combined fuel.
  2. Maybe Transmission Fault?!

    The common thing in your post appears to be ABS related. Speedo uses abs sensors, Abs fault code, ABS light. I would assume the ZF box would have a feed from them too, happy to be corrected. I'd be trusting the equipment and looking at the ABS sensors.
  3. Ba 4Speed?

    4spd is weak, save your pennies and get a 6spd. Much cheaper in the long run. Plenty of topics on this throughout the forum
  4. Rotors

  5. Starter Motor Problem

    Bad earth, dirty terminals, rusted/corroded connectors. Turn your ignition on and short the terminals of the starter yourself with a screwdriver. Should start if all is well from battery to starter.
  6. This Just Annoys Me

    +1 My RHF wheel bearing went and all the others were fine. We must take left handers at higher speeds
  7. Bf Mkii Suspension Upgrades

    If going coilovers spend the money and go the whole hog and get a good brand people on here have already tried out. I myself got the tein super streets and love em. A little stuff for some but I like. At max height with 19s the car was lifted from stock, at 1/4 height they're about legal.
  8. Help! Ba Xr6T With Serious Issue

    eBay regularly has locked XCal 3s for sale. Won't tune your car but can read error codes and will come by mail reasonably quickly.
  9. Losing Boost

    was thinking that myself. Also wondering how these phantom leads were resistance tested? Elaboration required
  10. No where near as annoyed about it as me, but she's not a fan. Mrs knows her mother is a hoarder but won't confront her about it. I'll put up pics soon.
  11. ^^this. Work is a sweet relief. Ps I also get called an arsehole for wanting to spend an hour or 2 on the computer after I've looked after the little guy for 2 hours, cleaned the kitchen, put fuel in both cars and put up with the brother in law, while the wife sleeps, then sleeps another 2 when I hand the baby back. Festering hatred I think is a good way to describe my world Oh and +1 more man pad idea
  12. Mother in law got kicked out of her place and now lives with me! Yay. She's a hoarder. My ex office now has a single bed and sh*t absolutely everywhere. My sons room now houses a 14yo brother in law who's ungrateful and if it were my choice would be sleeping out the back with the dog, also has mother in laws hoarding stuff in there too. My tool shed has been hoarded in and I can't get to anything. Fire looks like the best method here. Small three beddy, mother in law, brother in law, 8 month old baby screaming his head off at 2am teething, haven't had "alone time" with wife since May. Mother in law just told me if all goes well she might have a place in 3 months! With a f*cking smile on her leather handbag of a face. I'm ready to flip my lid
  13. The Cop Chip Thread

    I believe this belongs here! Cortina must be ex cop car with all that added powa
  14. Coilovers

    Mine was the harder spring rate kit. I love the firm, harsh-ish ride it's given the car. The wife likes it too. She reckons it feels safer, except when I don't slow down for roundabouts and corners. The car is transformed and feels like it weighs a lot less. Better tyre wear too, even with increased corner speeds
  15. Coilovers

    Don't get me wrong mate they've transformed the car for the better. It's just a little rough when you want to just cruise.

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