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  1. well mine isn't set up that way at all.. all sound adjustment is done through the DRC with the volume remaining on 30 on the icc.. maybe this explains peoples issues with low level hiss and poor performance fromthere Audison as its set up differently to mine.. not saying either was is technically "correct" but im not experiencing any issues like people in this thread..
  2. is yours set up so you turn your volume up to around 30 on the icc & leave it and then adjust volume using the DRC remote whilst in the car?
  3. if you get the Audison tuned properly you shouldnt get any low level hiss.. mine started with a bit of hiss but once it was retuned a second time it was gone!! If your in Sydney go see Elite Car Audio at Campbelltown they will sort you out, speak to Shaun..
  4. I have an FG mkii and have an audison sound processor with my aftermarket system.. its loud as f*ck and was nowhere near as good prior to an Audison processor being fitted. You can make the stereos in these cars pump but needs a processor or headunit fitted to do so
  5. correct 700hp just bolt up. but 1400hp require hubs + bearings pressed etc, I have the 1400hp option and they are great
  6. I also have the independent twin diff bush set up, had it for about 6 months now, totally worth the money.. anybody thinking about it should just get it done!!
  7. mine had 7k when purchased 3 years ago, im now up to 50k lol mine was also fully optioned.. nothing but the best for Ford company cars haha
  8. yes I am, if your car is a MKII, a bright colour & manual im guessing its an ex Ford car like mine lol
  9. let me guess EX Ford car?
  10. Sorry no pics or links, its just that it happened to me so im aware of the issue. the adjustable whiteline links will touch the sides of the hole they go through. They move side to side as all the ball joint ends on the link arms swivel which is the design flaw, whiteline are aware of this issue.
  11. the whiteline set up only become an issue with adjustable link rods.. In the end I was supplied a free replacement set of solid links from whiteline as the adjustable rods in the front & rear swaybar kits are crap ..
  12. rear sway bar link upper mount not secure? check washer seating at the top mounts?
  13. hey mate, im running an eaton truetrac and its awesome. feels like a lot more power gets transferred to the wheels via the diff also, very quiet too
  14. im running a true trac and its very quiet.. I do have light nvh as im running independent motorsport rear end with it, don't worry bout another standard centre truetrac will not disappoint!
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