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  1. The battery I just changed like 2 weeks ago cos it was finished. Changed it to a delkor hi performance or something along the lines of that and it's a 680cca Also can anybody confirm if I can change the thermostat without having to flush the cooling system or burping the air out? As I need to change that too.. Cos you know.. Wife's car and she never maintains sh*t
  2. Any Products you would recommend or just use a rag and get in there?
  3. No it's not stalling or atleast it doesn't feel like it's stalling as it doesn't drop that low when the cars at operating temp and just idling in gear. 500rpm is usually the lowest Service Intervals are every 10k and I have about 3k or 4k to go but this issue has been ongoing for a while and I just couldn't find an answer on google for my exact problem
  4. Yeah pretty much as soon as I start it.. After it Fluctuates for a few seconds and then it'll rev a little higher as all cars do when they're cold and once it's warms up a little it'll drop to 550rpm
  5. Hey guys tried searching on the forum but no luck.. I'm not sure if it's a common problem but my wife has a standard fg xr6 2011 with about 205xxx on it.. Zf6. No mods whatsoever Now for some reason when it's in park or neutral it idles at around 800-850rpm but in drive it idles between 500-550rpm and also I've realised More so when the engine sits overnight and if it's a really cold night.. When we start the car the engine will fire no problem but the revs will fluctuate for 2 or 4 seconds between say 600ish to 1000rpm.. Doesn't happen all the time, maybe once every week and a half The box hasn't been serviced but is on the books and I'm planning on cleaning out the throttle body out this weekend when I have some time. Spark plugs were changed and battery has been changed recently too, Is there anything else that could possibly be causing this issue Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys I have a fg mk II turbo with a manual 6speed and ive ruined my 2nd gear syncro I was wondering if anyone could reccommend me some good gearbox specialists in MELBOURNE that could fix it for me
  7. Yeah lol how many ks did you have when you picked it up? I had 3700 lol im just hitting the 23xxx mark now, its fully optioned too:)
  8. Are you talking to me EXRSEXT?
  9. Any brands in particular to look for? What should I expect to pay for clutch plus fitting ect? and I think a twin plate ceramic would be the go, it is a weekender and I do flog it alot when I take it out for a squirt #nomercy
  10. What clutch do you guys reckon I should be looking at, im not too familiar with clutches or the differences between them
  11. Hey guys im just wondering if anyone can give me a rough idea on what power figures I should expect with the mods ill have installed. I have a fg xr6t I have the following mods done so far. Xforce stainless 4" dump 5" cat and 3.5" catback Raceworks 1100cc injectors Pwr stepped cooler and piping kit Walbro 460lph Growler airbox Turbosmart bov Earls Turbo oil line Custom tune with 317rwkw And im doing the following mods next week sometime Crow valve springs and retainers Gtx3582 front housing with ported ford rear housing (15psi actuator) Muffler air delete And a retune Also is there anything else I should do for reliability rather then power? Ive been td to do fuel pressure regulator?? Thanks in advance guys My ride:)
  12. Hey guys just wondering.. I have a fg xr6 and id like to fit the g6e map lights at the front with the sunglasses holder, is there any way to take off the map lights without the whole roof lining coming off? And if the roof lining HAS to come off is there a how to? Thanks
  13. The shop is "performance world" in altona anybody ever heard of them? Theres the ebay listing http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/371289353719?nav=SEARCH Yeah im leaning towards the x82 atm but ill have to run a lower boost setting for a while till I upgrade my brakes and suspension and valve springs
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