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  1. Cheers guys I might go with the stock exhaust idea and take it in an see what happens an take it from there. Will just have to find a stock exhaust from a wreckers or I spoke briefly with the owner of the shop that did the mods on my car an he said he had full stock systems laying around one probably being mine ha ha but he said they could fit one up they have and take it around the corner from their shop for the inspection for me just means a 400km drive to drop it off if I go that way.
  2. Hi guys am looking for some advice I have searched here for a few days to find some info relating to my issue but most info seems to be relating to modified cars with defect notices not that are unregistered. Anyway I have an unregistered 2012 FG XR6T which I consider to be in pretty smick condition that is living in the shed the car has only 58,000km on it. These are the mods that have been done to it, Custom ecu and zf tune Re-gapped spark plugs Cooler thermostat I.D 1000 injectors 11.8 pound actuator Intake pump Nizpro cooler kit with piping Nizpro full 4” stainless exhaust Process West Street Air Box Kit Turbosmart Kompact dual port 25mm bov Earls stealth black braided turbo oil feed line Other then the listed mods everything else on the car is standard. Just after some ideaz as to the best/simplest/most cost effective way to have it able to be registered. This headache all started with a defect for the nizpro exhaust apparently protruding to far past the rear bumper and always being out of town working left no time to sort what needed to be done to correct the defect. The first visit to be inspected was done by a guy who used a pair of tweezers, microscope and a toothbrush and the exhaust was apparently 98db he also said I had an aftermarket turbo “which is stock” intercooler and cold air intake which needed permits! Due to work I had no time to fix these in the defect extension time so I took it to another inspection place where the guy wasn’t such a **** *** and he said he would pass everything cold air intake and intercooler as long as I put the stock exhaust on and brought it back. Anyway due to work and the nearest tuner 400km away it ended up being unregistered! So do I remove the nizpro exhaust put a stock one on get it retuned and try my luck or will the only fix be returning everything to stock? All and any idea’s are welcome .. 🤔
  3. Happy Birthday GraemeXR!

  4. Ford Falcon FG Mk2 XR6T
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