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  1. Happy Birthday C.S.I!

  2. Happy Birthday C.S.I!

  3. Happy Birthday C.S.I!

  4. Happy Birthday C.S.I!

  5. Happy Birthday C.S.I!

  6. BA Mk2 SSS 241 rwkws. Averaged 110mph/13.1 Secs over 5 runs. Factory 17"Dunlops @ 35PSI
  7. Hey Luke. Better question would be whose game enough to see if theory = practice I would reckon close on 280 - 300 Clicks, would also depend on where your rev limiter is now set to, if at all =), and whether the donk and driver can hang on that long. Anything over 200ish is pretty bloody scary I reckon. A quick blast up the Geelong Freeway ought to tell ya Luke
  8. Stock T and XR8 are real similar in performance. ie: aprox 14 sec qtr. Would think a Typhoon and modded 10psi T about lineball. My T as below with the 4 spd SSS, 12.98 with Custom Tune and nothing else. Any Edited T will kill a stock XR8. And gets better mileage when not thrashed! Also the T handles better as its lighter.
  9. Why not go a typhoon donk while he's there, and then keep it Seems at least a couple of typhoons at that wreckers.
  10. For $5000 bucks in mods, you will have a very fast car. You will see well over 300KW at the rears with that cash. Best to spend some of it on stopping it once it's got goin' =)
  11. With really OLD tunes (say 2 years ago), there were issues with the TC disabling itself when the car was given wot. The TC tuning was wrong and if the rear wheels spun (which is the tendency with an Edit'd car), it would disable itself as it couldn't control the wheelspin. Only solution was turn the engine off and then restart again untill next bootful =) Take the "flasher box" back to your tuner, and request he modify the program, unless you have other hardware issues with the ABS Sensors or similar. PS: Traction Control still appears to not work so well at 100km/h in the wet. Be warned!
  12. Consider it as insurance if nothing else. The car will only go harder with a Custom Tune, and you can then feel safer knowing it aint gunna blow up on you when you bury the right foot.
  13. You definitely want to get the Edit Box. Totally transforms the car. (and can negate the factory speed limiter :=) Probably better off ordering from here in Aus where they are pre-loaded with Generic Tunes specifically for these cars. The Edit has been here now for over 2 years, so would be much simpler (and much less expensive) that getting a box and tune locally. You wont believe the difference till you drive it. Good Luck with it. Alan
  14. EB games have a 50% sale on most everything right now. Saw Cars for $25- many other $50 + games at half price. Worth a look.
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