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  1. Happy Birthday JP300!

  2. Happy Birthday JP300!

  3. Happy Birthday JP300!

  4. At the end of the day the anything with a grove or tread pattern can be driven on the street and you will more than likely get away with it... I drove around on MT ET Streets for a few weeks after running a 10.8 sec pass (too lazy to take them off) its got a tread pattern, does that mean its a street tyre? Not really ... I thought that this was not so much a top 25 competition but a thread where you can see what times people are running on similar tyres. I had more fun running the low 11 second passes (probably 30+) on the Maxxis than the 5 x 10s passes on the ET Streets. I have not been on the forum much lately, It's good to see some great real street trim times !!
  5. You guys still playing with the taxis !! I miss my car...
  6. Happy Birthday JP300!

  7. Awesome News - "modern" Rules

    So we still need a cage to run in the 10s ??
  8. Awesome News - "modern" Rules

    Great news !! Mmmm... I've still got the taxi and she might need a bit of TLC but it's now worth going for a few runs on some semis. I've been booted 5 times for running in the high 10s at least now I might get a chance to have a bit of fun without having to be sent home early... Might be a good time to sell?
  9. Fg Diff Bush Replacement

    Apart from the Taxi I have a Manual FG XR6T which killer the standard bush within the first 1000 ks of giving the car a hard time. The fulcrum bushes are the way to go...
  10. Wsid 19/10/2011

    Getting closer !! to my pb of 11.15s on $200 19" Maxxis... I have not run the old taxi for about two years and the car feels even stronger with the latest tune with a few extra little mods but I'm not keen to take it out any more and will be installing a strong standard stall in it that will make it a nicer daily driver. Hence guys here is my 2 cents worth of wisdom that might help get you guys to a lower pb... especially on street tyres. The key is to take into account and appreciate the physics behind what yoyu are trying to do. With the autos once you get off the mark and assuming that you are not breaking traction mid-track and you are shifting at the right point then the MPH and ETs should be very close on any particular night depending on the 60' time. Now based on the 100 odd passes that I have done in the taxi and some experience in a few other cars here is the trick to getting off the mark... Whatever improvement you make at the 60' mark then you will gain about 1.5 times that gain but you might loose 1 -2 mph. Note: The track gets better towards the end of the night, the dust/dirt is blown away, some extra rubber might be laid down and the air gets colder. Hence you should see traction improved off the line and power come up a little. That is my theory ... Think physics ... you can only put so much power to the ground off the mark based on how much torque the engine makes if you get it wrong te car either fries the back tyres or bogs down off the mark. Finding the right balance will get you the best 60' time. On ET Streets with 375rwkw (on a dynapack) I did a 1.53 60' launching at about 4psi. With similar power I could only get a clean take off with a max of about 1psi of boost which resilted in a best 60' of 1.78s on the Maxxis. So what do I not do? ... I do not stall it up at my target launch boost hold the car there and then just take off abruptly. The autos do not like it and you are not using the momentum of the motor and turbo to ramp up the torque. The trick is to bring up the boost slowly and as it reaches the target boost then nail it, hold the brake a fraction of a second longer and then let go of the brake. The car takes off smoother and you get to that 60' faster!! Vevapower, based on your 60' and MPH you can run a high 10s pass with your current setup and tyres but you will need to pick a good night. I hope that makes sense and you guys get some better times ... Good Luck!!
  11. Wsid 21/09/11

    I'm outa Sydney otherwise I would have come down for a look... The Taxi has not has a run for a while maybe next time! Let us know how you guys go ...
  12. Best 60Footer On Drag Tyres

    The best I've done is a 1:53s on ET streets in full street trim 1920kgs, 4sp!!
  13. Guys, I just want to let you know... the taxi is for sale!! I think that it is still the quickest (true) street tyred XR6T/F6 ... 11.15s@125 MPH on 19" Maxxis tyres. (click on link in signature for details)
  14. 8.48@165Mph - Theres A New Leader

    Hey that's my tag lie (ha ha)... but you can use it as you've more than earned the right !! I'd love to see the car sometime.
  15. 8.48@165Mph - Theres A New Leader

    Wow ... well done Phil and to the boys at TRP. I cannot imagine what the ride would be like in a taxi going that fast!!

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