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  1. Happy Birthday JulzC!

  2. Happy Birthday JulzC!

  3. Happy Birthday JulzC!

  4. JulzC

    Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Not much scrape for me. Still got good height. Won't be needing the lowering blocks I am happy how it looks now
  5. JulzC

    Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Finally sorted out the ute. Running XYZ coilovers on the front and king lowered rear leafs. These are Rota Grids 9.5+12, 10.5+12
  6. JulzC

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Wheels are purple looks good. Didn't say hi cause we just passed on the road but I will try find him today. The fitment is perfect
  7. JulzC

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Spotted: sh*t load of cars on plenty road going to cruise for charity! And JD
  8. JulzC

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    I just heard cruise for charity is on tomorrow. I will b there probably. My plates r start with YNL if u wanna say hello. Wheels r different than the profile pic now
  9. JulzC

    Kiwanis All Ford Day 2013 - Feb 17 - Geelong

    sounds good ill be there on the grass. whats the plan do you register as a club then we have to pay?
  10. Happy Birthday JulzC!

  11. JulzC

    Vinyl Wrapping Thread

    DId u say carbon wrap the whole car http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/05/old-meets-new-rocky-autos-rb30-powered-fairlady-z/
  12. JulzC

    Vinyl Wrapping Thread

    Can barely put the screen protector film on my iphone how am I supposed to do my whole car!
  13. JulzC

    Iphone 5 Vs Galaxy S3

    I've gone for the new iPhone in the end. Needed to upgrade the 3GS and I skipped the iPhone 4/4s. The sheer size of the Samsung really turned me off. When did companies start thinking we want bigger phones? It's the reverse of the past 20-30 years I guess I will be finding out how well the new lighting connector and adapter will work with the fg1 icc. Called up ford but they had no clue
  14. Falken FK452 245/35R19 and 265/30R19 The rear has more stretch than the front. Probably go 235 in the front for a tad more stretch. Problem with the rear is the stretch makes it smaller than the stock rim, so it makes the gap look huge. But the stretch and the dish looks tough lol
  15. JulzC

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    new wheels. need more low now! a few more pics in the whos got rotas thread in the wheel and tyre section

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