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  1. I may! The car does need some work though. Depending if I can get it back up to scratch depends whether I can join. Glad to see you booked a cabin, the recliners are horrible! I will never do that again. The bright side is I wouldn't have too
  2. oh wow! That was 5 years ago, what a blast from the past! It makes me want to drive those roads again.
  3. Hey Evil! Can you put me down as a maybe? I'll see if I can get some time off work. If that can happen, I can get the ball rolling on organising my way up there.
  4. Spewing! That's no good! I did notice you wasnt there.
  5. Are you running your XR this weekend at tassie nats Michael?
  6. Haha! I hear you there! I'm hoping to go to both if I can afford the petrol to get there! What do you think your XR will do?
  7. Hey guys, been a bit quiet lately. Is anyone going to tassie nats and/or the v8's this year?
  8. Hi Ben! Glad to see you on the forum! Sounds like a nice car! I have a soft spot for the FG's. You'll have to post up some pictures. Cheers
  9. Hey Chris, I don't think that is me! I sure am glad theres another one around with good taste having a blue coon! lol Haha Panda, that could be a posibility! Who knows!?
  10. Cheers Tilvo! I think aiming for four a year would be great! Maybe a Easter cruise and/or Travel up to the v8's in March would be a go? I am more than happy to put time into organising cruises. It just makes it all that more worth while when people come along and enjoy each others company and cars. I am still stumped as to what has happened to all the guys that organised the cruise back in May?
  11. Hi Guys! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years and ready to rip up 2012! Tassie’s thread looks a bit sad at the moment. I am keen to get it more active, but I will need help with this. I am wondering how many people are still active and would be keen to participate in some events in 2012? Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to suggest any events and cruises! Cheers!
  12. Amazing pictures humms! Thank you! A speacial thanks to EvilDaifu for helping me with the organisation of the cruise. It was a great day and can't wait for the next one. Thank you to humms & turbochooka for making the day as great as it was and also those who let me know they couldn't make it, I hope to see you guys there next time!
  13. Tomorrow is the day! Weather is looking good so far, partly cloudy with some winds. Lets hope it does't rain.
  14. Thank you Evil! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
  15. The font isn't that when you're on a pc. Damn iPhones can't pick up the right font. I was spewing when I found it like that on my iPhone.
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