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  1. Happy Birthday Rootster!

  2. Happy Birthday Rootster!

  3. thanks mate ..merry christmas and a happy new year..lol
  4. any chance of becoming a mod now....or should I come back in 6 months and ask again
  5. Happy Birthday Rootster!

  6. has it got kuhmo tyres..Could be tyre noise
  7. I did mine a few weeks ago . I can't see how it's possible to do all 3 in 1.5 hours. By the way mines an fg. By the time you drop the cradle remove diff centre and all arms to get to the heat shields .
  8. Have you checked your tailshaft centre bearing?
  9. is that price for only the centre bush. No way you can change the other 2 also in an hour.
  10. So you also changed your pinion yoke ...
  11. I owned a Ford figo had the same problem....I just use to open the door from the inside..Never had a problem after that...Hope that helps
  12. I Think your grip is a little to tight..
  13. It's a bit like a condom...You can clean and reuse it,but it depends on how much sh1ts been on it...
  14. I found a misfire on cylinder using ace
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