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  1. Happy Birthday Black F6!

  2. Happy Birthday Black F6!

  3. Happy Birthday Black F6!

  4. Happy Birthday Black F6!

  5. I have got them all 4 corners now, they grip better than the standard rubber, both wet and dry. Half the cost per corner and a better tyre IMHO, but can't comment on wear yet. Have a great rim protector too.
  6. Yeah, just got the same call, pads have about 2000km ish left on them and the rotors are apparently worn and under minimum spec. I have just clicked over 30,000k's, so not real flash k's. Rang Hightek for a price and am looking at $1280 drive in / drive out. DBA5000 rotors and Hawk ceramic pads. At nearly half price, I know which way I'll be going.
  7. Nice work Gary. Spewing I couldn't make it.. Always next time...
  8. Congrats on the purchase and welcome aboard..
  9. Sorry, but it looks like I'll have to pull out of this. My missus has arranged a doc appointment tomorrow and I'll have to look after my daughter :-( My daughter would love to come, she loves the car / boost. " Do it again daddy, that's cool" hahahaha. But the missus would kill me. Hope you have a great cruise, if things change I'll make some calls or catch up with you later.. Cheers Rob
  10. Yeah pretty sure I saw VIPXR6 on a Red Ba/ Bf last night? Someone got an upgrade maybe?? I think it was red? Keep seeing LTSTRQ around work. He visits the place across the road, but is not there all the time.. I'll catch him one day and say Hi..
  11. Ouch.. I would be pissed off to the max. Looking at the damage, I think they will fix it.
  12. If it was his ute, I'm sure he'd be pissed off.. I thought he was in QLD, or heading off to the States??

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