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  1. Happy Birthday Ghosti!

  2. Happy Birthday Ghosti!

  3. Happy Birthday Ghosti!

  4. Happy Birthday Ghosti!

  5. Dillz Metal Thread

    This is a Ghosti-Approved-Thread.
  6. Internet Plans

    Way to confuse the sh*t out of me for 30 seconds, Tab.
  7. Ss Drivers

  8. Internet Plans

    TPG ADSL2+ 30GB (15GB on peak and 15GB off) $39.99 http://tpg.com.au/products_services/adsl2plus_pricing.php You can get 150GB for what you're payin' now. Telstra are the devil.
  9. Fast Food - Wtf?

    Maccas is a Lg QP meal with tomato (TRY IT!) + a McChicken, apple pie too if it's dinner. - $12+ KFC, I don't even know what I usually order but it always has popcorn in there and costs me $15+ As said above, Nandos is the bomb but pretty pricey - $15+ HJ's is a Lg Double Whopper meal and a cheese burger - $12ish Local fish and chips is the bomb and will fill you up for like $10 <---WIN! And my pizza place charges $15 for a delivered half pepperoni, half cappricosa. Somehow I've stayed 74kg since highschool but I'm sure I'll hit 25 and be morbidly obese...
  10. House Trailers - Farkin

    Haha, my grandad got shunted up the arse by a truckie for driving too slow in his VP I've been a passenger in his car. I don't blame the truckie...
  11. Head Rests - G6E Turbo

    Epic Thread. Can't believe no one has demanded pics of the missus?? What's goin' on? Forum gets a new skin and everyone goes upmarket all of a sudden?
  12. Gps Phones Banned In Vic

    This law falls under a special group of laws that I deem to be unsatisfactory and thus, continue to break on a regular basis. Of course I'm too apathetic to actually do anything meaningful about changing them, so I just swear to myself a bit as I pay the fines like a pussy. Yeah, fightin' the good fight I am.
  13. Dune Buggy

    Fast forward to 0:35 and tell me you aren't tempted to take out a second mortgage on your house! Speaking of which, how long do you have to own a house before you can take out a second mortgage? Reckon the bank would be cool with like 4 and a half months??
  14. Is This Weird?

    Yeah man. Pretty weird.
  15. What To Do In Melbourne?

    Just because the f*cking Herald Sun (and other quality media outlets) tells us that street violence is out of control, does not mean it is necessarily so... You'll be fine man. sh*t, people say Frankston is bad too but I've never seen anyone get stabbed more than a couple of times in 1 sitting

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