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  1. Ive done 160,000km and am very close for pad replacement, thought I may as well replace rotors too rather than have them machined. Nothing to stop me getting lighter wheels AND lighter rotors. Ill visit the DBA website. what do the stock rotors weigh?
  2. I have an 08 XR6T with standard brakes for the model. Are there any weight savings to be had by going for DBA or other rotors? Are the materials different? I dont do track work so Im happy with the braking, but wouldnt mind a modest upgrade to the brakes as long as the weight is reduced.
  3. Happy Birthday TurboDewd!

  4. Happy Birthday TurboDewd!

  5. Happy Birthday TurboDewd!

  6. Happy Birthday TurboDewd!

  7. glovebox lamp location - at the top of the glove box is a catch to stop it pulling out all the way. press this plastic catch down and pull forward, the glovebox will fully flop down. just above the base of the glovebox, on the left, u will find the brown bit where u insert your T10 bulb. piss easy. I am now double blue in the foot zone. I am sure this will get me laid. (Im married so that shouldnt be an issue)
  8. This guide certainly works. I got a quad bulb blue T10 12V from Jaycar for about $2.50 and it works a treat in the driver side fusebox area. Now to find the glovebox area one. I have an 08 XR6T with prem sound. Can someone give me good instructions on where the glovebox area one is? I see the glovebox has its own light, but cant find the footwell one???
  9. In Canberra. Recommendations? Not seeking major power, maybe 300kW at engine will do. Also, is the factory tune a bit rich, lean or just right? Wondering if I could get any extra fuel economy improvements from such a tune.
  10. Well Ive done 70,000km and just had my swaybar linkages replaced as they were beginning to make dull clunks over even just modest bumps. $300 later and the dull clunk has gone. apart from that my June 08 FG is saweeeeeeeeeeeet!
  11. not only do the 180SXs weigh about 1000kg, virtually all the ones I see look like theyre worth $1000! Busted front spoilers, different colored panels, stickers and a pimply teen behind the wheel. Oh an enormous exhaust tips
  12. hmm, this is an old thread. I now have an 08 FG T and I am very impressed with the car. My only gripe is the external temp readout is always 4 deg below actual temp. I dont care about that though. Ford Oz have fixed about 20 things with this car compared to my 2003 BA Turbo. The fuel economy is awesome consider the vehicle size and power and torque on tap. Amazable!
  13. Well Im not alone in thinking it a little weird Certainly didnt lose any sleep over it. And she is not my cup of tea despite being a cool gal...
  14. Ok, playin a boardgame sunday arvo. Mate's gf brings the previously-ordered pizzas. Just 4 fellas and his gf. Anyway, we agreed she would get a slice of each of the fellas 4 pizzas - no worries. The weird bit, to me, was that the gf when she got to my pizza, took one of my discarded crusts as well?!?! Bit strange. Personally, I would prefer my gf not eat any other dudes crust. Its like a little jealousy thing I guess, but still, weird!
  15. I think Nitro is great. dont fret about this getting dated notion. Go with what you like and dont doubt your decision. Nitro is a great color, just like Blueprint was. Blueprint should always be in the Ford lineup.
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