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  1. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Im in too if im free when its organised
  2. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Geeze this turned to [emoji90] quickly. Didnt realise showing a car would turn into a pissing contest so quickly [emoji23]
  3. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Does XFT use a hub dyno? If your referring to my sheet (Monsta Torque) I can confirm that was a hub dyno as in my first post
  4. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Ill have to have a play with my ngauge and see if I can datalog something if its possible Car definitely isnt lazy and you can really feel the power ramp in and just keep going. It ramps in as slow as Rob could get it to, but apparently the car just wanted to keep making power. Im stoked with the outcome, has that progressive build up but still comes on super early and doesnt fall over like the stock turbo. Im only 22 so can admit Im not the most experienced driver which again contributed to my tuning requests
  5. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    This would be where a graph detailing rpm would be handy [emoji14] I did ask for mine to be tuned to come on boost a little bit lazy to avoid frying tyres every time I put my foot down Amazing what a bit of cleanup can do. But yes was only a 58mm wheel. Package was a progtx58 conversion IIRC
  6. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    It would be great to see rpm. Not sure if this has to do with a hub dyno (I'm sure there would be a way around it). Not sure what the concern regarding boost is. Heres a comparison shot of my turbo before and after mods
  7. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    I would also love to see said video. Purely for ah... research purposes?
  8. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Very nice. Talk about rare
  9. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Do you own one of these versions by any chance? I remember seeing this video a while back and was always curious as to how many went to Australian buyers and what the rough price was. It seems to be an awesome package
  10. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Shhh that's not the baby turbo [emoji41] I jumped to the early assumption you meant the 3576.. my bad
  11. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Great numbers. Must be a car that's truly 'engineered' and managed to overcome many limitations that so many other FGs encounter when using the baby turbo
  12. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Now that's really scraping in! Was this on E85?
  13. Thought I would post up here about my car on this forum after stalking for quite a while and becoming quite active on the "Other Forum" Have had my 2013 FG Xr6T for nearly two years now and have slowly been accumulating a few modifications for it. Had the final bits of work done a few weeks ago at MonstaTorque and managed to pull a final figure of 400.7rwkw. Que comments of hub dyno and manual The route I've taken with the car and many parts can probably be looked at as unconventional and excessive. As a young bloke about to venture into his first mortgage, I decided to spend the extra whilst I can afford it and build a relatively reliable base and future proof as far as more mods go as I plan to keep the car for a very long time. Unfortunately have not had the extra cash to do my oil pump gears or timing chain gear so am very aware of my need to stay away from my limiter and even have a soft cut in place (Although I've been told with this amount of torque these cars like to push straight through this) Bit of info on the car: - 2013 FG Xr6T - Full poverty pack - 6 Speed manual -Bought dead stock with 56,000kms from a single female owner 2 years ago Since then I've done a few mods over the past 2 years, totaling to the following now at 75,000kms - IMS Twin Bush Diff Hat - Wavetrack Diff Centre w/ aftermarket half shafts - Shockworks Coilovers - Single Piece Carbon Fibre Tailshaft - Malwood Opt3+ w/ short shifter - 4" X-force Stainless Exhaust - Jonny Tig 1800HP Stealth Black Intercooler w/ turboside airbox and battery relocations - Crow Race Valve Springs - KPM 1000HP In tank dual pump fuel system - 58mm Billet wheel Machined into my existing 3576 turbo, rear housing ported and a 40mm flapper fitted - 1000cc Injectors and custom tune with Ngauge interface - Copy F6 Bumper - 19" FPV Twisties - DJR Bobtail Spoiler Much like so many have done in the past with their threads, I want to be able to share any info I have on my current list of mods in the hopes it aids with people future mod choices. Any questions feel free to ask. Its gonna be a bit hard to post some photos as I'm writing this on my lunch break but will post a few via Tapatalk below Some quick photos from my phone
  14. Oil catch can installation

    Heres some pictures of my install mate. Spot on with that piece of artwork. No breather on top of catch can so is plumbed into my intake. I ripped my breather hose so mickey moused something at home
  15. Fg mk11 Plazmaman stg 3 fitment

    You wouldnt happen to have some instructions for the Tig kit laying around would you?

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