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  1. Does your bum print money? You really don't mess around with this beast! Good stuff as always
  2. Have been pretty quite for the past few months so thought would drop an update. Gave the girl a 1,000km overdue service and checked under the car. A bit of scraping on the flanges of my 4" exhaust but other than that pretty tidy. Checked my catch-can I installed about 11,000km ago. Pretty much dry... A small amount of residue in the top but nothing in the sump. Have not checked my intake to see if that has a film. Note, this is not connected in line with my PCV valve. Turbo is still hanging in there and has had no change in noise on start-up / shutdown which has been good and still drives the same. Other than that, quite on the car scene while money gets filtered into a house...
  3. Gotta wait until the house is built bloody priorities am I right. Never
  4. Long time stalker of this thread and planning a build in the comong year or so. I believe a company called aftershock PC sells those gaming all in ones. Would be interesting to see performance figures...
  5. Absolutely love it. Have had the tank down to 40km to empty and no issues with a full boot. Whisper quite and wouldnt even know that its there! I was hesitant to get one at first as I had the same thoughts, had not seen many people using them. Would highly recommend and if your power levels exceed what the pump is capable of delivering, it could always act as a kickass lift pump for a more capable external surge
  6. I bought the Nizpro system on the back of positive feedback spread throughout forums. Of course there are also negative stories but the amount of positivity, not only from the exhaust side but from the shop overall, put my mind at ease. Just trying to spread my experience For the sake of their future customers, I really hope it was a dud. Needless to say I was also dissapointed with their after purchase customer service. It's easy to ride a wave of great reviews, its the odd mishap in my opinion that really shows how shops treat their customers. For further context, my car was worked on by Monsta Torque so by no means was it a backyard mechanic having trouble fitting it...
  7. Tuner could not fit my Nizpro exhaust without having it buried into my rear cradle. Quality and welds were shocking and their claims of "every exhaust is test fitted" didn't appear true with no grease, fingerprints or markings. Not sure if mine was a dud but they immediately tried to pass it off as a TOG exhaust and not their own - at the end of the day not happy Ended up going the x-force 4" turbo-back. A bit to loud for my liking on cold starts but settles nicely and is practically drone free. If I had my time again and knew my end power goal (be realistic with yourself if you are going to push 450rwkw+) I would have tried out the 2.5" twin venom system for the Cat-back section.
  8. All else failing, is yours a manual retaining the 3.73 diff ratio?
  9. May be a stupid question, but would anyone be able to answer if I am able to use the derived engine rpm that lies under the Axle Speed in your Dyno graph for my own. I.E is this effected by gearbox and diff ratio? Unfortunately my graph doesn't have this engine rpm displace. At first glance it looks like it would work...
  10. I often reminisce about the whisper quite gear changes and ability to grip the road under WOT when I was stock A mechanical locker, solid bushes and single piece tailshaft can be a bit of a buzzkill when not in the mood for spirited driving
  11. The forecast this weekend does not look to o bad. Might be a good one to arrange something if people are available
  12. Now that is a huge mod list so it would be hard to say anything in confidence. What I can say is that my brother in law was stickered in a reasonably modded FG for having blue running lights. When taking it over the pits, they made sure he changed what he was defected for, gave his car a quick once over, complimented him and sent him on his way. Im not sure if for fresh registration the car would come under more or less scrutiny than a sticker job... I have heard rumours that cops that pull over aggressive or cheeky drivers (usually young kids in imports, SS or Xr6ts) put the sticker on crooked which is code for "Give this guy a hard time when looking over his car". When you do get it done, I would love to hear your experience. A have a very similar mod list and right now am very fearful of ever getting stickered One more thing, the legality of your 20" rims is an easy flag. If the car was a povo pack to begin with and fitted with 18s, you can only legally go 1 inch bigger than factory. Have had a friend with a cammed v8 and that was the thing they came down on immediately
  13. Just plumbed back into my intake. I was an idiot and ripped my rubber breather hose so my old man rigged up a bit of garden plumbing stoppered up with a bolt
  14. Im in too if im free when its organised

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