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  1. Struggle? Pfft you've nailed it! Would love to do a build like this one day! Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  2. G-skill Trident Z Neo make some great 2 x 16gb 3600Mhz 18CL kits. If you look up a b-die finder you can find models that have easily overclockable memory. In any case you shouldnt have problem tweaking the timings to CL16
  3. Very happy with mine Ended up getting rid of the EVGA and keeping the Tuf Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys, hate to pass on the cost I paid to a scalper but I am finally picking up the EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 I ordered on launch night tomorrow. I managed to secure an Asus Tuf OC 3080 a few weeks back whilst waiting (ETA was unknown). I am now looking to offload the new EVGA card for the 1600 I paid for my current card... I am located in WA and would prefer not to post if possible I thought it was worth offering it to someone on the forums prior to popping on marketplace - I have no doubt it will sell quickly Alternatively if someone is more interested in the Tuf I might consider selling th
  5. Ive got a cf shaft as well and am up for a diff rebuild and eyeing off the wavetrac over a truetrac, my xr6t sees the track and im not keen on the truetracs lack of drivability. What outter diff bushes do u have? They the cat600? I have nolathyne but have been told the superpros are better and my nolathaynes have failed after a couple of years and track work. And its all noisy and clunky af atm. I've got the Cat600 outer bushes - IMO probably a bit harsh for a daily driver, I would opt for the super pros if doing it again. The driveline can be very clunky and harsh with my se
  6. I paid 2600 from Final Drive in Perth fitted at the start of 2018. Greatly depends on the exchange rate at the time but definitely not a cheap piece of kit. In the grand scheme of a big mod list though, very worthwhile IMO. Phil actually said a strong steel shaft would be just as good for less than half the cost
  7. I have the CF shaft, the IMS hat and a wavetrak. I think the wavetrak is inherently clunky as I still get some clunking under certain conditions (might be my cat600 diff bushes). The setups fantastic in a manual though and makes for a lot. Cars very responsive, feels firm through the driveline and points it pretty straight when breaking loose
  8. Looks like there are plenty if good options out there for in tanks these days! I personally have the 1000hp KPM module and its performed great. No track days yet but have had no issues on the street even running it 25km to empty and doing a few pulls (400rwkw manual on 98). Whisper quiet too . Cant comment on install as it was done when tuned but I know it came with a beefier wiring kit and wasn't cheap...
  9. If only haha. Been putting money aside for months for this 3080 launch!
  10. that's incredible coin for an apprentice and obviously an in demand trade to get into! Props to him then, if I had that sort of spare cash I can't say I wouldn't be excessive also haha. Better spent than my $100 bucks a week from Woolworths when I was 16 on weed and a bottle of wild turkey each weekend
  11. Everything is coming up that kid haha! Unlike the myth that red is faster for cars. Rgb DOES make the computer go faster
  12. Damn that's a lucky kid! Are the monitors a decent refresh rate? 3090 might be overkill if not and that's alot of money to dump into a card. I can't beleive the price they are asking for them in Australia. If its 5k already would hate to see the final bill. I know I would have been putting that sort of money towards a car if I was that age but each to their own
  13. AMD have their launch scheduled for mid-late october (forget the date). I can imagine Nvidia are saving the TI versions to stomp out that release if they come close! At the end of the day probably only need 10GB for the time being. By the time a nice 4k display is affordable their will definitely be newer cards
  14. Well I caved. Have ordered myself a eVGA 3080. Unsure when the stocks are going to get in so may be a while before I get my hands on it anyway. Got wayy too caught up in the livestream hype.. should be a nice upgrade to my 1070 and last until I build again
  15. What absolute monster! As much as I want to upgrade straight away will probably grab the 3080 when im interested in a game that's actually going to use it. My 1070ti is still going awesome for the games im currently playing That 3090 price point is just insanity. Would rather buy car parts!
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