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  1. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    All else failing, is yours a manual retaining the 3.73 diff ratio?
  2. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    May be a stupid question, but would anyone be able to answer if I am able to use the derived engine rpm that lies under the Axle Speed in your Dyno graph for my own. I.E is this effected by gearbox and diff ratio? Unfortunately my graph doesn't have this engine rpm displace. At first glance it looks like it would work...
  3. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    I often reminisce about the whisper quite gear changes and ability to grip the road under WOT when I was stock A mechanical locker, solid bushes and single piece tailshaft can be a bit of a buzzkill when not in the mood for spirited driving
  4. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    The forecast this weekend does not look to o bad. Might be a good one to arrange something if people are available
  5. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Now that is a huge mod list so it would be hard to say anything in confidence. What I can say is that my brother in law was stickered in a reasonably modded FG for having blue running lights. When taking it over the pits, they made sure he changed what he was defected for, gave his car a quick once over, complimented him and sent him on his way. Im not sure if for fresh registration the car would come under more or less scrutiny than a sticker job... I have heard rumours that cops that pull over aggressive or cheeky drivers (usually young kids in imports, SS or Xr6ts) put the sticker on crooked which is code for "Give this guy a hard time when looking over his car". When you do get it done, I would love to hear your experience. A have a very similar mod list and right now am very fearful of ever getting stickered
  6. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Just plumbed back into my intake. I was an idiot and ripped my rubber breather hose so my old man rigged up a bit of garden plumbing stoppered up with a bolt
  7. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Im in too if im free when its organised
  8. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Geeze this turned to [emoji90] quickly. Didnt realise showing a car would turn into a pissing contest so quickly [emoji23]
  9. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Does XFT use a hub dyno? If your referring to my sheet (Monsta Torque) I can confirm that was a hub dyno as in my first post
  10. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Ill have to have a play with my ngauge and see if I can datalog something if its possible Car definitely isnt lazy and you can really feel the power ramp in and just keep going. It ramps in as slow as Rob could get it to, but apparently the car just wanted to keep making power. Im stoked with the outcome, has that progressive build up but still comes on super early and doesnt fall over like the stock turbo. Im only 22 so can admit Im not the most experienced driver which again contributed to my tuning requests
  11. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    This would be where a graph detailing rpm would be handy [emoji14] I did ask for mine to be tuned to come on boost a little bit lazy to avoid frying tyres every time I put my foot down Amazing what a bit of cleanup can do. But yes was only a 58mm wheel. Package was a progtx58 conversion IIRC
  12. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    It would be great to see rpm. Not sure if this has to do with a hub dyno (I'm sure there would be a way around it). Not sure what the concern regarding boost is. Heres a comparison shot of my turbo before and after mods
  13. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    I would also love to see said video. Purely for ah... research purposes?
  14. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Very nice. Talk about rare
  15. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Do you own one of these versions by any chance? I remember seeing this video a while back and was always curious as to how many went to Australian buyers and what the rough price was. It seems to be an awesome package

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