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  1. Good stuff....could be a lot better but such is life I guess lol What you on about willis? :D
  2. One more for remembers later on
  3. A chica owns it. Just hanging and its pouring with rain
  4. Win what?
  5. Always out driving
  6. Another day in paradise, how was your chrissy/new year?
  7. Thanks fellas. Appreciate the warm and fuzzies
  8. any vibration in the front its time to change them. They dont always leak but heat dries the rubber and it goes brittle basically turning them from mounts to a solid mount as all rhe vibration transfer through the brittle rubber. Change them as its $60 a pair for bf. Can do it in the driveway with a few tins and 2hrs work max
  9. Sooo....I just found out my nana died an hour ago This is farked, I just got a card from her for christmas and didnt get mine sent back or a call to the u.k to talk to her....feeling pretty farked up right now....
  10. So much to do to the car over the next few weeks 1. Drop turbo and manny of and replace all studs and nuts 2. Bleed brakes 3. Sound deaden the boot/rear parcel shelf and the front doors completely 4. Remove expansion and modify thermo housing for overflow 5. Remove wipers/fix and repair sh*t paint. Repaint and bake and replace 6. Install solid front diff bushes 7. Finish custom icc. Remove crappy screen and fibreglass 3 52mm gauges and single din unit to it And that's a start but couldnt be arse so spent the day snorkelling instead :D So all in all I did nothing to the car today......again :/
  11. I hope you're right for pixys sake coz that sh*t is faked up if there isnt a second set of breakers..either way it needs to be reported and the builder called to get the peanut of electrician back asap
  12. What the fark? This And this. Your circuitry is extremely farked. Houses needs several circuits and to be split for lighting fixtures and usually broken down into several areas due to load factors on each circuit. Surely there is no way that got passed but jet is right you are going to be in for a world of hurt at a bad time of year. If you need anything man dont hesitate to ask.
  13. Yo! Not too much. You? Merry christmas everyone
  14. Evening ladies and gents