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  1. Double dermerits weekend, speed and will be charged with neg driving its unlikely she will have a licence for a while
  2. I told her the same as soon as I found out. I flipped my lid. Farking dumb move. We cruised the other night and every roundabout/lights she was just being a complete tard. Then the same last night on a cruise with everyone else
  3. Yeah 50k/hr. I wasnt there but speed and being a dumb kent. I have no sympathy for her at all. She is a complete tard when it comes to being behind the wheel. Witnesses say she was seen doing skids on the same street No one was hurt which is a plus
  4. Remember the gt I posted last week?? She is farked now! Write off
  5. Yeah my favorite altho doesnt look good on ute imo
  6. Here you go. Say goodbye
  7. The issue for me would be conplications if at some point the council found out or reported it or something else happens on the property There are alot of liabilites that will lay with stripes if he doesnt get it approved, for instance - insurance if someone hurts themself while there, secondly he will have to provide engineering papers etc if the old owner goes and reports it after settlement to be a kent. List goes on. Basically you will become liable and have to front any cost to make it "legal" as it were if something happens or council comes out. My own advice would be force a massive price drop and get it all council approved or make the owner do it before purchase to cover yourself @.Stripes.
  8. This is code for "I built it myself and didnt tell no kent including the council" That would raise a big red flag if it were me. Keen to hear what the inspector says
  9. This is the best way by far. I just ran spades and slotted them in. Ran the same head unit in both falcons and makes for easy removal also.
  10. Good stuff....could be a lot better but such is life I guess lol What you on about willis? :D
  11. One more for remembers later on
  12. A chica owns it. Just hanging and its pouring with rain
  13. Win what?
  14. Always out driving