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  1. Soak them in boiling water then massage them on. They will become pliable that way... Edit - obviously use caution, dont leave them in there to long etc etc...
  2. Koya are extremely good wheels and light and strong.... If you want dish and to clear 4 pots jap wheels are going to be the way as they do difference faces for their wheels as well as all offsets/widths to counter that of brake clearance Food for thought
  3. Id be looking at earthing issues before replacing anything else specifically around the head unit and depending on the setup on the parcel shelf and the likes as well as mentioned big 3
  4. ^ Depends on what you want, whether something good or something from say bob janes or joes leb spec wheels....
  5. well all the best, will catch you in a few months or there about. Everyone take care and stay safe. Im out!
  6. post it on the other thread since we are talking about the same thing......
  7. Afternoon keef. Awesome night so having a beer at the pub
  8. First thibgs first you dont need to open 50 different threads for each set of wheels you decide you like. Secondly find a set of wheel you like for what you are going to do with the car and that suits the style and maybe try be original otherwise you may as well go to tempe tyres and get a full sick set of chromies...
  9. bout 27mm total Remember you are going .5" wider but its not on 1 side so you will be going 1/4" wider out and then the difference in offset which is 21mm So total is 21+6mm (1/4")
  10. Will be alright on the rear but the fronts will be more of an issue. Adding some camber etc you could fit them and a bit of stretch There is a white fg ute with serious offset on the front and runs I think -7 camber but I cant remeber his name. Someone here may know of him
  11. All good man. Details are sent so you guys can check them out what they have and maybe come up with something then hit them up. Im a poor pilot so it must be your buy
  12. Yeah that's them, uses infared for night light. I dont mean you have to go that model exactly but there are quite few decent units on the market now which are far cheaper and just as good (if not better in some cases) over the blackvue series. Anyway as much as id like to help with prices im not around as of sunday but ill pm you details @Rab and you can work it out with the guys keen Edit - both contacts have blackvue as well if you decide to go tht route too :D
  13. I have 2 hook ups for dash cams if you want them. Blackvue are good I personally have one as well as a gs1000 (bought them for about $125 delivered to the buyers door) but for money the blackvue are not worth it over the cheaper models as long as you get a good good chipsets I did a 2 group buys (10 each time) on the gs1000 and all cameras and still going strong now 4 years on.