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  1. Ill sell you my m17x if you want lol On a side note looking at building a pc, ryzen 1800x fairs very well specially considering its a fair bit cheaper than the i9 equvivelnt and benchmarks are extremely good to current i7 models but ill prob stick to i7 7700k in the hope that the new i7 7740k will drop prices on it a bit. 7740 is only 499rrp but im not sure there is any big benefit over the 7700k. Will be mainly gaming so wil be looking at 1080 options in sli either ti or standard. Overall performance in sli im not sure ti will be worth it. Thoughts, comments, doubtful points?
  2. have the exact same machine at home! I only drink nescrappe but misses loves her coffee and this machine
  3. Operation diamond storm Plenty of legacy and rhinos running from Tindal and darwin heading for DAWR for large formation offensives
  4. I happen to know a good landscaper if need be lol
  5. true but then I have to explain it where as if she accidentally falls off the wing for some reason like loose knots then all good :D
  6. the way she is going lately she will be strapped to the wing lol
  7. would have to be a pc7 or pc9. id rather walk than fly a cessna well considering he (usa) just shot down a SU-22 it will more than likely be his fault lol
  8. Yep! dont get caught funny you should say that.....there are few coming out of the army running full burqa and not using slouch's on at all. not even on drill squares
  9. pics of lunch slut
  10. This! Have booked time to go to supercars on the goldcoast and to ride the new mega coaster they are building at movie world, but knowing my luck something will intervene probably be a russian too....
  11. Lioks like its coming along nicely
  12. Lost my sh*t and almost feel off the treadmill
  13. Hey everyone, how are we all?
  14. Looks like capital square in sydney cbd. About 50 different computer stores in there and they all bargain to get the sale. Usually get $50-60 off per component.
  15. I may have missed it but what tyr3 size are you wanting to run?