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  1. Im 125m from the node. Copper is just sh*t and cant support more than 56mb. It sucks Jelly A F! that's what I should be getting :(
  2. downloading 42gb @ a lousy 6.47 MB/s (52megabit) in internet terms. Maxing the old copper lines :(
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    So do coons if you find them on the side of the road
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    was half asleep. Up all night smashing box 29 here today
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    Only 30? Young carnt
  6. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    Haha sure it does....
  7. Whats On The Menu

    Whats your total intake of calories/macros?
  8. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    Maybe I should invest in another GTR with 3.4l spool kit and that nice turbo puff.
  9. Weight Training For Beginners

    I still get it stuck sometimes...
  10. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    Cheap hard china specials....annnnnd wouldnt drop pressures What size is the gate?
  11. Weight Training For Beginners

    working out can be counter productive when sick....should rest
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    coz I can :D
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Sweet f a as usual lol
  14. BF Alternator design change?

    Is this going on a ba of bf/fg? ba uses the same alternator as au2 where as bf/fg was changed to an "smart alternator" that uses signal wire from the ecu.
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning peeps

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