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  1. Very similar style. Our Mazda has steering wheel controls for the radio, fancy fabric for the seats and a strange radio that has controls like a dj lol. I found a few people who have turbod the V6 lol
  2. Was thinking a Barra but not enough room. These things came out with a 13B turbo so could try and find one lol but it's V6 so should be good for a daily.
  3. New daily, needs some work but they're pretty cool when they're cleaned up [emoji16]
  4. You can see the check valve in the bottom left of the photo.
  5. It comes with one from factory. I didn't have one and wondered why it kept pushing the front and rear main seals out. I kept changing pcv valves and it didn't work. Called Ford and it has a one way valve in the middle of the hose.
  6. Make sure there is a non-return or one-way valve in the line from the pcv to the manifold. I got caught out on that when I converted mine to turbo.
  7. Water meth injection

    But what about people that don't have access to E85? Water/meth seem like the next best thing. I live 450kms from the nearest servo that supplies E85. Would love to run E85 but can't, and there's a few others I know that would too.
  8. Just bored. Just be happy having the eBoost work the way it should. I did have a crazy idea to buy a rwd territory and swap my engine over to it haha something different.
  9. So getting a tach adaptor so my eBoost can read the rpm and so we can adjust boost settings to suit. Also making a relay system to let the eBoost activate water/meth system at a set boost level [emoji3]
  10. It's getting better mate. Had it looked at yesterday and we think we've found a problem in the tune with the injector scaling!
  11. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Cheers thanks mate [emoji3]
  12. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Yep I can imagine it was a long drive! Did you get a caffeine fix on the way home? Thanks mate I appreciate it. We'll try and make a trip over that way soon.
  13. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Was good to meet you Nathan, thank you for sorting out my car!! [emoji3]

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