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  1. Nulon race oil says not to be used on vehicles with a cat converter
  2. Got sick of the noise from my old exhaust, decided to update. Better on my old ears haha and for the baby that will be here in 9 days.
  3. NA BF turbo build

    I drive it like I stole it haha, has been down the drag strip close to 50 times so probably just lucky.
  4. NA BF turbo build

    NA head is slightly different but can still be used. Will need billet oil pump gears put in, I'd change the intake manifold as the na one has the butterflies in it but no biggy there. You'll need a Walbro 460 intank pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 1000cc injectors should be enough. You'll need some way to control boost or swap out the wiring and ecu for a turbo model one. ZF not sure about, I've still got my na one on mine and it's up to 190,000kms with 330rwkw and it's fine. Would nearly be cheaper getting an FG f6 or 06/06 on XR6 turbo motor and doing valve springs, cheaper and it'll handle the power. Sometimes wish I had done that...
  5. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    True. Sometimes though you only learn the hard way haha
  6. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Don't be to sure about that...
  7. LSD is crap.

    I would think that an open wheel diff is less predictable than an LSD.. An open wheel diff will put power to the wheel with less traction, so what happens if you are spinning one wheel then the surface changes and the diff puts power to the opposite wheel and you lose control? I had an open wheel diff in my XR6 with 330rwkw, it was sh*t to drive and unpredictable. I now have an LSD and have learnt how the car behaves with it and can control it alot better. It's all about respecting your car and learning how to handle a high performance vehicle.
  8. N/A To Turbo Without Tune?

    I drove mine around for 6 months with no tune haha 6 psi max and an xr6t fpr with stock injectors. Not saying it's a good idea but when I pulled the engine down it was fine, a bit of carbon build up. Put a wideband on if you can.
  9. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Yep be interesting to see how much they want for it. I'm keen as but not allowed to spend anymore money on my car for now haha new born will be here in 3 to 4 weeks so car is on hold for now.
  10. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Thanks Rab, I did see that which is awesome! I should have been more specific with my question, does the wolf ecu control the ZF? I've been looking at aftermarket ECUs and this Haltech is the first I've read that has the ability to interface with the ZF.
  11. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    But does it control the ZF auto?
  12. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Ooooooooooooooooooo o.O I want
  13. Xr6 turbo conversion

    I would say ford would need to use their equipment to do that, they did on mine when we loaded a turbo tune on my ecu, the abs wouldn't communicate with my ecu. But that's my experience anyway.

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