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    Fuchukn Donkey forum in other news, esky anyway you can !
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    Fitted the new 360mm offset rotors. They look huge. I they ended up sitting 10.4 mm further inboard. As you can see there is now ample room to fit the caliper, even with 19" Vertini Drifts. The caliper brackets are currently being modified to suit. Should be finished by Friday.
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    Been a busy camper but apologies to anyone who's been waiting on answers or a reply as I dropped @pro_xw98's starter motor onto my Iphone 7 from a tiny ~4* off the bottom of the front sway bar it was cable tied to and obliterated it so a new Iphone 7 has only just hit my hand now ( cheers apple care for that lol ) anywhoo I had Paul bring his beautiful G6ET in for a new port & flapper job with a Genuine Garret 12psi actiator, Hardy Spice HD 1000HP rated Tailshaft including 1250 yoke&uni's and a Plazmaman 4* race intake and battery relocation kit,Plazmaman TB elbow replacement kit then coupled it up with a sweet Ngauge from @Peppy_t92 so Paul can now have high and low boost options as last time the 355rwkw tune was a bit of a tyre fryer even on the low 15psi. The best part is due to Paul being around 200kms away I have the ability to do remote tuning for him final power is lifted to now 364rwkw (high boost ) and a low boost of 325rwkw Then I've been preparing for Taylor and his ute that has decided to start the process of the old "rumble of death" turbo failure so wanting to do something slightly different I've gone a brand new Genuine Garret GT3582 (B series turbo or FG F6 however you want to look at it) with an Antisurge 4* GTX cover in 0.7 configuration. Should net around ~30rwkw more with the cover than what a standard GT3582 with the 0.50 would do but I don't think we will go that far (400rwkw +). Matched it up with my precision Port & Flapper job with a Garret 12 psi actuator and Genuine walbro 255ltr/hr intank fuel pump with new E85 submersible pressure line ( results to come ) Now my major focus has been (believe it or not ) @pro_xw98's engine/trans/diff build and we're very close to hitting the key for the first time and just finalising the last bits n bobs but she's looking good with that 1200+hp turbo hiding away under that CRG low mount manifold that's been ceramic coated with over 1000* in temp black coating and nothing but the best -10 oil drain in braid with speedflow flange fittings ( My OCD is going bananas with the blue AN fitting lol ) and general up spec everything including wrapping the fully built C4 with a SFI trans blanket ! A keen eye will see the attention to detail I've gone to on the engine dress up with all fastners being acid dipped to bring them up clean again along with painting all surfaces
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    Here ya go I cut that big piece of fat off the top and left it cos my fat goal is around 70g per day.
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    Jeturbo is known for helping members with parts and tuning and imo is one of the best guys to leave your car with for a "one stop shop". If I tagged him them he would be sure to see this thread. I figured I'd leave some info for you to look at rather than do that. As it turned out he chimed in anyway. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.
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    decided to do all three workouts I have over sat and sunday cause I haven't been to gym enough. sore AF now. every part of me is nuked hahahaha. gotta try and go tomorrow, get back into 3 times a week!
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    heating up frozen junk does not constitute "cooking at home"
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    Oh man now I'm full 4 sausages, 4 bread, 700g of lasagne and 60g of garlic bread... Making all kindz of gainz...all kindzzz
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    solid research, Nath haha full blown internet expert right there haha
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    When it works out like that, it is. It doesn't always go to plan however. Firstly you are waiting ages to transfer the game cos hdd to ssd ain't quick, you can lose data and have to download the game again, you can lose saves if it isn't saved on the cloud, and my favourite is when you transfer the game and steam wont install it cos there isn't enough room on the drive cos you just copied the game there. No thanks, gimme a bigger ssd any day of the week. I just wanna sit on my fat ass, click the clicker and play the game. Each to his own though. Me too Rab, me too There is frig all difference between and pcie ssd and a sata ssd when it comes to loading games but a hdd is like a blow up doll. You only use it when you have to.
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    Morning all Weekend trip down the coast..........tick! Weekender is only 1hrs away bloody beautiful place called Huskisson White Sands Beach Only 2 weeks to go before we head off again but this time 4.5hrs drive place called Pambula.
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    I think it was the server side cache (that you didn't have access to) that was causing it. Chris would turn it off and all was good. Randomly got turned on again and started occuring again -til he turned it off. Happened a fair few times - when it broke, we'd poke him, he'd turn it off and all was good til the next time.
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    Why has this forum struggled to load the next or previous page ? It comes up with the header bar and the trusty much needed advertising campaign yet I have to hit refresh to actually get it to load the rest of the information its been this way for about three months or so now
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    Today was wash & wax day Car just ticked over 100K Had it serviced by the pros across from my work (as opposed to my backyard self) they said it was in great shape so I thought I would give the outside some TLC Bowdens Nanolicious wash and Bowdens Auto Body Wax
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    I'm looking for someone that wants to be part of one of the best Ford performance shops in Sydney IMO. I have 35 years of mechanical knowledge to teach & I'm still learning, so I don't consider myself as being the best as there's always someone better ! I've working with mechanics that are fully qualified but I wouldn't pay them to push a broom.... & I've seen some brilliant unlicensed mechanics that think out side of the box if you have the skill the paper work can come later, I'm after quality, honesty & dedication to the brand cheers joe
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    Says he that's not downloading anything
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    yeah they have balls of steel as far as the season goes, unless Dovi or Marquez have a couple of DNF's and Rossi takes the next 5 wins, he wont win the title edit: Maria Harera broke her collar bone 12 days ago and she is running in FP1 right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    was half asleep. Up all night smashing box 29 here today
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    Just started the 32GB download. Think I'd better get off my butt and move the rig
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    I woke up at the time you posted that, I heard the birds and thought about the days I used to get up for work at that time or earlier. Then I went back to bed.
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    Maybe I should invest in another GTR with 3.4l spool kit and that nice turbo puff.
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    Fair enough man. I'll tune in then to see what is going on. Hope for the best ay!
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    So Abit of sad news, Only did two 11.5s tonight. Just keep blazing the tyres. 124mph trap speed. And theres a rattling noise coming from the turbo area only under part load. No noise at wot or idle. Maybe its time to justify a procharge 69mm wheel
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    ^ this benefits of ramdisk plus I do video editing and graphic design also so the more the merrier
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    You wanna have a beer with my step dad and mum? even I didnt want that haha
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    What worked for me for individual sessions was just by making them part of the daily routine rather than an action that was approached fresh each day. Work-Gym-Swim-Groceries-Dinner By doing that without fail there was never a choice/decision to be made, no motivation needed.
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    I look at it as doing what you want and not what you feel eg: I want to stop smoking/drinking/boning hookers but I feel like a cigar/bourbon/shag. For the purpose of definition, "what you want" is a decision you make based upon a goal that doesn't change from day to day and "what you feel" is constantly changing based upon your sensory input and how you process that mentally and physically. I want a certain body type and strength level so I gotta lift weights regardless of how I feel unless I'm injured. I think this is why it is important to create a program and stick with it for the requisite months that it will run for. I feel better going into my shed to do weights when the weather is mild, I'm not sick and when I'm not tired etc. Some days are better than others and some days I want to just stay inside and chill out. I currently use a program with a slight leeway in the amount of reps done so I can just do 2 less reps per set if my energy level is down or the weight is a bit too heavy. This helps me with the day to day differences. I'm usually just glad it's over, though it is good to see noticeable progress afterwards. I go because I want a certain result and if I don't go I wont achieve that result. It's more of a means to an end for me.
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    do we need a psychology thread? lol
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    you need to you fat fark! just helping with the motivation
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    He's still a bachelor bcb. The term "cooking" is used very loosely and can include but is not limited to boiling up sea snails in your mate's kettle.
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    In other news.... have preordered PCars 2 and currently making room to setup the rig properly Hopefully this time I'll get the setup complete and get to have a play before life happens again. grrrr
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    Waiting for the upgrade ends up being a vicious circle lol I've got about 5TB of games on my secondary drive and usually just play of that and don't really notice a huge inconvenience.. If there's any that I need the faster load times or am hitting pretty hard I just cut/paste from the HDD to the main one and "reinstall" - it's all pretty painless. My "sim" machine is just running a single 512gb SSD, holds most of the things I want (racing and VR titles) and is easy enough to copy stuff over the network if I need something else. Same with the lappy - although that's got a 1TB ssd for storage as well as the 512 NVME. Decent rundown below:
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    that's the plan. Having something that works extremely well under both circumstances is where im short falling for massive gain and ideally high detail 4k VR is a must for my next set of adventures
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    there are 2 versions of the watercooled TI. waterforce and waterforce WB. WB just has the waterblocks attached so you can custom water loop https://www.pccasegear.com/products/39675/gigabyte-aorus-geforce-gtx-1080-ti-waterforce-wb-xtreme-edition
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    Good to see Personally, I'd go a z299 board with a CPU that takes advantage of the chipset. Am running 2 gpu cards x16 pcie, (instead of x16,x8 or x8, x8) 2 nvme drives and some other sata drives on my z170 board and it's playing mix and match as to which SATA ports work and which ones don't (due to PCIE lane limitations) - normal z170, z270 (or z299 boards with the 7740) have even less pcie lanes to play with than I do (it's an odd board with an extra PCIE controller or something). If you're going 2 GPUs , the nvme and want to do some content stuff (more HDD's or SSD's) then you may wish you had the legroom. I'd probably also get aircooled GPU's and chuck waterblocks on them rather than the OEM watercooled solutions if going 2 cards. A single, decent radiator is easier to fit and cool than the 2 "smaller", chunky, ulgy ones that come with the cards (I think they'd be AIO's rather than something you can alter??) and can be part of the rest of your cooling setup - especially if going water for the rest of the setup. EKWB have a great config on their webpage where you put in your setup and it puts together a parts list. (buy/order in stages to avoid the $1k Aus trigger on orders before duty/gst etc if you purchase from them - I think PCCasegear?? stock a lot of the items) There are a few cases out there now that work with the Gigabyte AORUS RGB and others that work with whatever MSI's or ASUS's version is (cant remember which) - I usually stick with Gigabyte (even if not the smart choice - other brands have let me down real bad at different stages through the years - GB haven't yet)
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    doesnt appear to be in the ball park and from what I can see
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    wasnt my security I was worried about actually, but again you know everything.......please carry on telling me how im wrong again also im sure I spoke to you about this but you were to busy arguing the fact via PM so it was his choice how he proceeded...I specifically asked for the info to be retained as it was not any concern to be there however he didnt know how which is why it was all deleted. oh and as for FACT yes you did because mythbusters said so, but that was a figment of my imagination also right??? as well as rabs, chrises and a few others too yeah? I enjoy our chats keith...always fun and good for lols
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    says the guy who doesn't like the veracity of scientific experimentation
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    no, it was before these changes. No changes were made when it "mysteriously appeared again". so please take your (lack of) information elsewhere also, yes, I did nothing for a few months because I was busy with my actual work - by the time that I was not stupidly busy again, then it was too late... no more access to do anything :(
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    that's only because I didn't do the update haha
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    evening peeps, how was everyones weekend?? in other news.....new forum software, forum still farked!
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    Yep the Plazmaman 800HP kit fits brilliantly with no cutting and is a top medium/upper level intercooler kit with a lower end price tag happy to help out forum members with some good prices on anything intercooler related !
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    800 hp Tube and Fin kit by Plazmaman fitted like a glove in my BA. Zero cutting needed. Jet can vouch for this. Should be the same for your BF. And as puff said, part with the coin now and you won't be parting with extra coin down the track when the pump isn't up to task so on and so forth. Good luck Andy and welcome.
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    Got some new wheels on. Should definitely stick a bit better now.
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