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    Seems OT based on last page of posts but picked up my new rims this arvo... Work Emotion Kiwami 19x9.5 +25 F, 19x10.5 +22 R
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    Lots going on all the time and some beautiful rides getting the golden touch lately hahaha anyway had Sam bring his FG XR6T 50th in for a heat exchanger removal and one of my Transmission cooler kits installed Then Had Rich’s F6 needing a set of pads and I’ve gone in a different direction this time to try a new product that Matty @ RACEBRAKES has recommended I try out and with a few hundred kms already on them I can say very confidently that they are a brilliant pad and may very vell be giving the Pmu’s a solid kick up the bum in the street pad category. Specs are 500*+ and super low dust with sim backs for zero squealing and dry installation The “ol death rumble” come to visit @Mrpunk‘s FG stock turbocharger at nearly bang on 100,000kms so we had decided for now a stock genuine Garrett rebuild was in order and Dion asked ever so nicely for a spekky engine bay detail and how could I say no to a good clean up ! Before After Gave @bloosted a had doing a Diff bush and front link pins on a Terri using the new Whiteline black series bush that are my pick lately for comfort and durability And finally @Roo32 has a new set of wheels and she’s looking really nice now with that suspension I installed a few weeks back all settled in
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    65" 4k HDR TV just turned up (bought as a refurb from Sony - <$2k for a $5k runout model) Beer, couch and movies are on the cards for tonight
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    XR8 pulls up beside me at the lights on the way home tonight he revs his engine it sounds like it has an aftermarket exhaust I look over, but drivers window has a heavy tint. I see the lights change to orange, then red. . . . . . I get that funny feeling of adrenaline coming on counting down 3 seconds from red to my green, I load the transmission under brakes the rear of my car squats down. . . . . . . I hear the XR8's revs rise GREEN, release brakes, kick accelerator to the floor in one quick, easy motion I launch, seems slow, I hear the rear tires clawing for grip the rear of the car getting slightly left of center the hiss of the 4 inch intake filling the cabin car changes to second as I cross the other side of the intersection, making a very satisfying bark from the standard exhaust have to back off to remain in the speed limit another huge hiss from the intake as excess boost is forced back to the pod filter look over to the other lane chopped him bra ! drive home with stupid grin
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    Tried loading the photos again that didn't show up earlier... that work for you @k31th?
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    did some work for a cray fisherman he asked me if I liked crayfish I was like - "does a one legged duck swim in a circle?" Lobster lunch fresh garlic, chili flakes and butter, melted in the microwave and poured over the flesh cooked under the grill for about 10 minutes very simple, very delicious
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    For those that may be interested. I just pushed my 12 year old stock BFII XR6 turbo engine with 165,000kms on it to 520 kilowatts at the hubs here in Adelaide. Motor has Atomic head studs and valve springs (801s), Gen2 GTX, 45 hyper gate, Nizpro stage 2 and Nizpro 4 inch exhaust, 460 in tank and surge with pierburg pump (E85). Early testing showed 23 psi at 2700rpm so we had some work to do as we didn't want to pump to much into the mid on a stock engine. Timing and fuel are both safe, did it easy. Unsure where the G2 GTX will go but I think 550 @ the wheels wouldn't be a stretch for this turbo. My setup had more in it, but don't want to break the motor... Just yet! Cars holding up well, good old ZF is loving it. Hope to hit the strip soon and improve on my 11.0 pass.
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    To be fair he randomly orders me flowers to my work quite often ... and always has lovely things written in the card... makes up for when he farts so bad in the bedroom at 3am I wake up feeling like I am chocking on the air. BAHHAHAAH I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    My local racetrack sells e85 for $1.49/L Wooohoooo!!!!!!!! I was doing a 90 odd km round trip for it before and now I don't have to. It's 10 cents cheaper at United but I'm pretty sure I'll make that up by not driving nearly 100km to get it
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    Guides and tensioner. BUT if yours is ok just re-use them. They do get wear grooves. And easy to install while its all apart. I just used this GENUINE kit. You really dont need HD chain. Plenty of big power cars on factory gear. Check the top of the RHS guide. It can snap off. This is one that is intact. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-FORD-4-0-BARRA-TIMING-CHAIN-SET-BA-BF-FG-FGX-FALCON-SX-SY-SZ-TERRITORY/292021574011?hash=item43fdd7997b:g:cvIAAOSw5cNYmRMB
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    I just had to help a bloke/workshop in NSW who’s “apparently” got the runs on the board with the fastest GTS bomadore and some wizardry in-ter-chilling Technologys....... ( yes I’ve done that on purpose lol ) who would pick it up in a few hours as he’s a “Gun tuner” well this poor bloke now has an Eboost 2 on his FGX set to one point as his tuner thinks it would take to long to tune the falcon boost tables .... and apparently ID injectors aren’t suited to the falcon and will blow black smoke Yeh it’s not rocket science but it definitely isn’t simple like some think for the record that tuner spent nearly 4 days on that FGX and it’s still terrible as his listening skills go as well as his tuning skills unfortunately
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    Run some electrical tape around the gauge if you don't want to use the paper trick, try bit by bit as they can get stuck pretty easily.
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    woooooooooo there's hope also...
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    Was my first instinct when I saw the pic too...
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    [email protected] is still a romantic at heart.... one day he buys me flowers.... the next day he’s sending me borat memes and videos about funny cartoon ducks which aren’t really funny just to sh*t me off.... so basically we haven’t changed our relationship in ten years bahahaha
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    Sniffing e85 will get u going heaps better, plus less chances of detonation at your limits
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    Rational mod to deal with 2 cars matching 65km/h in an 80 zone.
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    ohh I know that feeling all to well BCB. Especially with my quad tips and sh*tty sounding exhaust. Sounds like an XR8 with no grunt (when off boost). The moment boost kicks in and she takes off.... you can see that stupid look on their faces through your rear view mirror. Gets them every time. So did he/she speak to you at the next set of lights?
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    You'll have to try harder than that. High speed and skids work much better Cheers
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    1. Install Tinder. 2. Be female. 3. Wait 2 hours 4. Profit
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    Remember just a couple of months ago a dude on here got his car tuned by a shop with minimal experience with hp tuners and they did 40+ runs on a built motor with sub par results? It's not the lack of tuning experience that is the concern, it's the lack of platform experience. I personally wouldn't let someone tune my car with hp tuners if they've never used it before. Anywayzzzzz.... Happy farken Wednesday?!?!!?!? Phew that made me dizzy
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    Finally had a chance to pull the T3PA-Pro pedals out of the box, bolt them to my racing stand and give them a decent go. Big fan, much nicer than the pedals that came with the wheel, especially with the conical brake mod fitted
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    Gonna make a few changes to the Ute over the next few months. If anyone wants any of the parts below pm me and I'll work out when the parts are coming off the car and $$$. FG manifold, tb elbow with bov & overboost valve, battery tray, 6 boost factory position manifold, gtx3582, nizpro dump, process west surge tank with dual 470s + lines and reg with billet rail. Will be doing the intake side and fuel system first then the turbo side later on.
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    That's what you get for buying cheap sh*t. Mine do the same. Just fold up a small piece of paper and wedge it in there. Place it at the bottom so if the holder is deformed a little it's not very noticeable.
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    Looooool Yeah, come on JET, just admit you don't know what you're doing already...geeeeez... Edit: I love how Arron throws his title about as often as he can (engineer), like it's a badge of honour and prestige. I work with engineers all day, every day...and let me tell you, the title doesn't mean chit. I've met some first class level retarded engineers, who I wouldn't trust to wipe my ass, let alone design or implement anything of significance.
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    Test fitted the new rims this arvo. Am absolutely rapt with how they look, pics don't do them justice. Ended up going with the 285/30/19 kumho PS91 on the back, cheap at $235/ea from St George tyres. Not a heap of info out there but supposed to be the next step from a ku39. Overall reviews are pretty good, seem popular overseas as a bit of a cheaper knock off of the Michelin PSS which I've got on the front, tread pattern is quite similar. Definitely doesn't look under-tyred on the 10.5
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    Go lie in the sun with just ya jocks on for an hour and you'll have plenty of lobster
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    haha call it whatever you want... but now I want lobster...bugger...
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    https://goo.gl/images/2ZKUWH No room left on my phone to download it but embed this if you like.
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    Buy a Barra and come along haha, that's what I did last time we did this cruise. Still got that car, too. All good, anyone is welcome. You can either join us at Devonport and join through to Strahan or join us somewhere further south and follow us through to Hobart
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    That'd be awesome Which area are you based? Will definitely be happy to tie in.
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    Care factor..... zero. Now go do something constructive
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    This seems like a really farking terrible idea. Just smoke some meth and be done with it, none of this gateway drug bullsh*t.
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    Nah playing it safe first set... 255/35 F Michelin PSS Still trying to decide on R Kumho PS91 285/30 leading shortlist atm, cheap as chips at st george right now - $235/ea Edit Nah it was getting interesting puff
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    Haha just run it through a still to get drinkable E90 for about $2 per litre. I wonder if that'd work?
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    Maybe it does but at least I'm not the only one.
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    Yes the Group. Thanks Keith
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    doesn't seem fortunate to me haha
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    Yea im gonna have to pick one up too, So expensive for what it is imo.
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    that's just a search... you mean this group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/178766975581924/
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    that's a great video expected results, realistically haha. I think the v8sc's can run a mid 10sec pass with perfect traction, but they're not made for that sort of sprint.
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    If anyone hasn't used a platform before they shouldn't be offering paid tunes and should be referring their customer on to an experienced shop. I can't imagine anyone would want their pride and joy turned into a free training tool for a workshop. Of course there are places that will just take peoples money regardless cos the customer doesn't know any better until their car runs like a bag of sh*t. My avatar was designed with these people in mind.
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    Yeh look I don’t want to bash anyone but it’s just not as simple as some think, bit like any platform, I’m no good at many different tuning softwares but I’m the first to let someone know I can’t instead of arrogantly saying I can do it all
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    I'm reloading the upper body and back this week with some light work and deloading on squats. Fingers crossed that my shoulder will be good for next week to resume my regular programming. Haha even if it's not I can just keep doing lighter stuff while my squat progresses. On the 19th of March I will be squatting 160kg for 1 to 4 reps (same program as the 150 for 3 I just did) and all going well I will be benching 125kg and deadlifting 195kg for the same rep range. There's obviously plenty of lighter and higher rep work done in between now and then. Gettin there gettin there
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    it's not going to go well if your tuner doesn't already have ford tuning software and practice/knowledge using it...
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    Absolutely nothing, in terms of power gain/loss, unless you get the car tuned for a specific fuel. e.g. 98 has more knock resistance and you can make use of that by pushing on that resistance in the tune.
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    You can borrow all the tools from me if you like .
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