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    To everyone who hasn't been following we have some exciting news and can finally announce that PCMTEC is live! We support flashing and editing the following PCM/TCMs (Engine ECU and Transmission ECU) BA Falcon 2002-2005 BF Falcon 2005-2008 FG Falcon 2008-2017 Territory (Petrol) 2004-2017 We are selling 3 products Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop starting at $300 AUD which makes it the cheapest solution for DIYers. See the link below for details! https://www.pcmtec.com/ Blog with updates for upcoming releases here: https://www.pcmtec.com/blog Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PCMTECAustralia/
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    New goodies, CP Pistons, I beam Spool Rods 14mm headstuds, Spool Girdle and a Ross racing balancer plus all the other usual fruit.
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    Noice! A few weeks ago huds and I made a kinder surprise cake
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    The beast is now complete and the tedious job of running in the new hardware ( mainly the diff ) is in full swing and clocking up ~500kms of super easy driving not exceeding 80kms followed by another 500kms of medium paced driving there afterwards few pictures for the people who are interested and no it wasn’t anywhere near that clean coming out haha Remember ladies full mineral Diff oil for TruTracks Also this week I had Paul’s supercharged FG XR6 come back into the workshop for a ZF tune and a general health check most things were on par and one of the things I really get into is the fact the car started life NA and now has a total of 8psi of intercooled boost thrown at her on what’s not the greatest platform ( hi comp and 98 octane fuel with average intake temps ) so the care needed on the timing scales has to be high priority ( imho ) and something I always do for a visual AFTER <- ( YES AFTER ) having a fully calibrated aftermarket knock detection device going and watching the halarity of the very UN CALIBRATED VCM scanner KR PID going bananas it gives a fair amount of information on exactly what is coming out the exhaust from the cylinder events in almost the same way “reading” of spark plugs is done, some old school tuners can tune from reading plugs and exhaust tips alone but more on the side of lower powered NA applications where the error factor can be greater .... a video can also show situations that might not show in any logging but possibly still having an effect on engine performance dramatically and or health like piston blow by or valve stem seals now an exhaust stream can show rich fueling and in the bad situation “puffs” when a timing mark has caused a Knock event, you’ll notice that at the ol Dyno Days there will typically be one bloke hanging back having a look as it’s quick, easier than setting up a logger and multiple KNock/ping events will kill an engine in no time !! wanted to share some of the things I do and explain why I do them for anyone keeping up with the tips n tricks I throw out throughout the course of this thread a video helps right and obviously this is showing no issues throughout the pull Here’s a well run Dyno Day from K.P.M showing the exact situation I spoke about
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    The missus made this for our daughters birthday. Should be good for a soon to be three year old!
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    The actuator is a key part to boost control in a turbo falcon and the factory/aftermarket tune needs to work to the base setting on the actuator without having the actuator set correctly and tune to suit you’ll either see boost cut or if tuned in open loop you’ll see whatever boost the set up will make and potentially blow the engine up the rating of an actuator is at the point it will start to open NOT the total amount it can hold a typical actuator can hold double it’s rating no worries beware !
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    I've updated it. We would absolutely under no circumstances pass your information on to third parties other than the two listed. Eway will get you details when you enter in your CC details (like paypal etc all do). Xero will get your details from eway for the purposes of generating an invoice and that is it. We won't ever send you marketing information, that was lawyer speak which was from the template they have used. I've removed it. The only people who will see your personal information are us, eway and xero. Both of these companies are Australian based, though I'm sure they operate servers out of the US so technically it could leave Australia in an encrypted format. I will make this more explicit. We don't use cookies beyond identifying your browser and giving you a login token. Technically these could personally identify you in some circumstances however we do not use them in this fashion nor is this the intent. Google analytics collects geographical data from your IP address, they also use your existing tracked information from advertising providers, we don't do this, google already do it and they correlate it to provide us with anonymous browsing stats. We don't collect or store this, they do. This information is anonymous, however if someone was attempting to track you, they could possibly do so, though this would be directly against their own privacy policy and definitely not our intent. I'm sure we can make the wording less broad and will give it another review over the coming days. TLDR; We won't send anything to anyone other than eway/xero. In the future we may use something like zendesk so they would receive your name/email only to track support requests. We won't send you spam or marketing ever. We will send you emails notifying you of updates available that you can opt out of with the "news letter" function.
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    I’ll be there with bells on [emoji106] Car’s been serviced, new brake fluid, diff bushes, trans cooler. Diff bushes have needed doing, there’s been a clunk for a few months
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    Managed to finish off and tidy things out the front on the weekend. Here's what it was like when I moved in: I started from scratch with the garden beds, deleted a garden bed by the entrance and put the stepping stone pavers in to open that up a bit more. Will be nice once the plants grow a bit and my flowering ash tree grows a heap bigger.
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    Wmmfg ...Just did a time trial from the new house location to the city in the peak of peak hour traffic (8.30am) to the CBD.... 14 mins Woop woop I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Great Australian bake off eat ya heart out. They both look very cool. Cake heaven.
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    Yep that's the one![emoji41] New fluid looked a bit nicer! Bit of crud at the bottom of the reservoir but nothing too serious.
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    When the new GTP brake setup arrives.
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    Sounds incredible, Response seems quicker? Maybe its just my head It seems like a real winner. Its getting dropped off tonight at cms for an e10 and eflex tune. So ill report back tomorrow The totally munted turbo is munted. I am so impressed it ran 11.5 in its condition!
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    Puffwagon, thank you for the feedback, greatly appreciated. We took the advice from the lawyers to it will probably be legal speak. For information of the DIY Tuner forum: Enthusiast is at a tuning level just beyond what HP Turners offers, does not include ZF tuning and costs $300 + GST Professional is at a tuning level beyond what SCT offers for both the PCM and the ZF (Editing working, flashing under development), $600 + GST Workshop is effectively OEM level tuning with extensions they do not have. Not for sale just yet. PCMTec reads the calibrations from the car,like HP Tuners and Sniper. Does not have their limitations in determining the calibration. Demo version is Workshop level
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    Awesome gumtree experience yesterday. Chucked a couple of left over roof sheets left over from the cubby house build on gumtree for free. Guy who picked them up gave me a 6 pack and said thanks for taking the time to put them up and not just dump them. Win win all round!
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    You know November means Snowy Cruise and I was thinking about this one tonight. I’ll see what I can extract from work tomorrow, wish me luck...
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    Wanted to share and congratulate Trevor with his latest Efforts in the Blue ute and proving even more that you really can have your cake and eat it to with the turbo falcon ! Not only have I tuned it to make over 400rwkw on 98 fuel for quite some time and the countless drag passes it makes every race season or the trips up to Queensland for holidays it’s now completed the full Street Machine Drag Week event and placed 20th overall (iirc) from a bloody strong field of tuff drag cars for the people who don’t know what drag week is about the short of it is to start off at track 1 complete your best time then head off on the journey (in the car) to the next Drag strip ( typically interstate ) and rince and repeat until all tracks in the list are raced, on the day of racing and to only drive the actual car you’re racing ( no trailer Queen’s) to prove a true street machine. Obviously this is no easy feat as most fast drag cars aren’t built for bulk kms so this event really does push the boundaries of tuff and street vehicle managed a best of 11.1 across the 1/4 mile and all in one piece throughout the week ( times from each track are compiled and an average is generated ) this definately is one of the hardest events to complete to big Props go to Trev and the Blue ute ! heres the dyno video from when it was tuned had Karl @Roo32 come back for a service,cat,injectors and finally a custom tune as we had fitted basic mods previously without tuning and the idea was to see how far that standard intercooler could go before having to swop it out .... what a shocking day yesterday to go with that methodology as it was 41* in the dyno cell over 37* ambient and I pulled every trick in the book to keep his beast cool.... including re plumbing the Air conditioning haha worked for a bit but the day was just to hot to go to far. Still great gains everywhere and sometimes we can only do what we can do but 277rwkw @ 14psi
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    he just never puts the foot down enough to know how fast it is... until he re-oils his pod and thinks to do it again
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    @Rab This came up up on my yootoob feed today.
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    Been on here for a while and now that the utes making decent power I figured I'd throw up a thread. So go back a few years and I picked up the ute. 2010 XR50T auto in Silhouette all stock with the XR50 extras. Stayed like that for a few months until I sold my BF RTV. Then I got stuck into modding it. Fitted a Process West stage 3 intercooler kit (with turbo side airbox and battery relocation), Process West twin DW300 surge tank and fitting kit, Nizpro 4" exhaust, Nizpro over boost valve, Turbo smart BOV, PWR ZF heat exchanger and a set of Five O motorsports 1000cc injectors. The wastegate was ported and a bigger flapper fitted and I got it back from CMS with 336RWKW on Eflex. Towards the end of last year the standard turbo started to go so I took it back to CMS to have a GTX3582 fitted. Also had an MSCN turbo oil line, spool billet oil pump gears and a gibson 1000hp tail shaft fitted while it was there. Had fuel surge issues so the intank pump was upgraded and It made around 430RWKW on Eflex on a hot arvo. A few months after that it started getting fuel surge again which turned out to be the DW300 pumps giving in. Moved to twin Walbro 460s an FPR2000, Process West billet fuel rail and a set of KPM 1500cc injectors. Before it went into CMS I had some -12 fittings welded to a spare rocker cover and ran them to 2 catch cans. Made a bit over 400RWKW on 98 and around 440 on Eflex. Tune wasn't pushed as the ZF isn't too happy.
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    No wonder the kids want the netflix back on the TV
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    Last time I did that I got 8 of them pregnant Jk, hopefully it helps you out and makes life a bit easier.
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    haha it'd be a big jump over to WA haha
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    seems like your evidence is as good as any, Nath
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    I don't know if the cam sensors are identical or not but my bf and fg ones are so I guess they are. Someone can confirm.
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    Apparently they’ve got the stinger doing 10’s in the states already and tuning is supported quite well
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    Just saw this article today https://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/2017-drive-car-of-the-year--best-performance-car-under--60-000-116385.html Actually don't like the pic they chose to show of the Stinger - not an attractive angle in my opinion. The only one I liked of the cars reviewed was the Focus RS but then again - I'm biased
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    This is next level.....
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    Yep I'm happy to do that! Gave the car a once over today to get it ready. Changed this filth:
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    Carpet in......Didn't get a before pic but we all know what the tub looks like
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    No idea, but how far are you reversing that you get bored and need music? [emoji3]
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    thought I recognised this car. You're an AJ
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    Get some factory ones, shave em down on a sander, paint em and you're done
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    Need one of these mate And no an Eboost even with no RPM reference can still be set up to deliver a much cleaner power generation display that that graph above see....
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    Use nightshade tail-light paint. Will do the job.
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    So the new springs are sorted and I much prefer the stiffer setup, feels like it wants to handle now. Its currently at this height. Which is too low but it works and I CBF buying new QA1 shocks again. Then I picked these up this morning. Wheels should arrive this week coming but may be a few weeks to fit them up as camber brackets and guards still have to be sorted. Hankook ventus rs3 285/35r18 and pirelli pzero corsa asimetric 335/30r18 The the lefts were on sale at a ridiculous price so I got two of those and will get a right once all the guard work is sorted so I don't rub a $800+ tyre out if there's an issue with the guards (the right rear has the higher chance of rubbing due to the pan hard bar). 255/35r19 next to 335/30r18 And some more shiny in the bay.
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    I with other knowledgeable individuals have concerns that when it comes to plenums and AFT that outright CFM or total HP does NOT paint a fair picture of what is the "best" some very big consideration to all of these style tests is something that can be overlooked and that's "off boost" performance yup funny but we spend more time in this area than on boost this is where the N/A path comes into the mix and can be a very big difference in best case product it could be seen as silly but I believe if these plenums were tested on a Barra 4.0 NA the results may very well be different but who cares about drivability
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    yeah six small turbos and six throttle bodies is the go.....
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    Also a note for anyone else fitting catch cans. Don't fit them up around the passenger side as I did near the battery. The oily vapour smell gets drawn in through the ac vent directly behind it (at the base of the windscreen) and it smells really average when the car is stopped after giving it a bit.
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    Thanks to bomber pointing out the eBay add the other week I picked up a powerbond 20% under driven harmonic balancer kit. Also ordered some solid bushed engine mounts from "tuff mounts" and a billet tail shaft coupling from technico. I borrowed the falcon specific puller from a mate and installed the balancer, pulleys and mounts. Didn't have a power bar so had to pull out the starter motor and jam the flex plate to stop the crank from turning (major PITA, fark that top starter bolt). Anyway it revs a fair bit easier and feels a fair bit more responsive. The mounts are pretty harsh but I expected that seems like most NVH isn't transfered to the rear of the exhaust as I've used solid rubber hangers and clamped those to prevent sagging. Being a weekender its all good but will probably get the idle raised a bit to reduce it when stopped in drive. Still waiting on the billet coupling to arrive.
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    Next up I fitted a Fenix 42mm radiator and removed the header tank. I used a modified GM filler neck to add the new fill point and installed an 82* tstat. Got a bit carried away and ended up moving the ECU to tidy it up a bit, not the most practical idea but I like it.
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    Part 9 Tonight I had another go at removing a front bush that has previously defeated me. Previously, I had tried to push a front bush out with the press. But applying pressure from the wrong angle ended up bending the outer casing of the bush so that it was unable to slide through the control arm. This meant that I was going to have to cut off the outer end of the bush and push it through from the other direction. It was time to see if the Ryobi reciprocal saw was going to be any use for this. Much to my delight, the saw cut through the bush quite easily. This could have been done with a hacksaw, but someone would have to be very fit and patient to do this (I am neither of these). The metal bit in the centre was a bit of work, but the saw cut through it without major drama. The outer shell of the bush was easy to cut through. Now that I had the outer end cut away, it was time to see if I could push the bush through the control arm. This was frustrating, as the rounded edges of the control arm kept pushing the iron plates apart. A large g-clamp would have been ideal for keeping the iron plates pushed against the bush. However, once I got things lined up, the bush started to push through very easily. I made sure not to keep pushing once the bush had gone through enough to touch the cross beam of the press. I set up another layer of plates and had more drama with the control arm pushing the plates apart. This was getting extremely frustrating as I knew that I would finally have that bush removed if I could keep the iron plates in place long enough. Finally everything held together for a few seconds and I was able to resume pushing the bush through. Success! Then it was time to remove the rear bush. Repco had a sale on 6,000kg bottle jacks for $19.99 last week so I bought one. I used the press to hold the control arm in place, including doing so in such a way that the arm couldn’t bend outward once the bottle jack started putting pressure on the bush. Instead of messing around with the small spacers, I used one of the punches from the SuperCheap Auto kit. It all lined up correctly and the bush slid out very easily. When it comes time to put new bushes in I’ll check the control arm against some others that I have here to ensure that I haven’t previously bent it.
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    from what I can gather its true. Like you said 10 sec foot to the floor while cranking will reset the the vct sensors, though it must be followed by a burnout inc. uploaded vid. or it won't work.
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