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    Well have good news. Just worked with IMS and it is all working as expected. Just a few clean ups but there is now Flex Fuel in the Falcon One thing to fix is Stoich recalc but I was expected that could be a issue to resolve. I will do that and the WOT gear change over the weekend.
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    Well no more pocket money from this dipstick. We all play a few jokes. Now go have a long look in the mirror. If I need information from someone I tend not to slag them off. I think the amount of technical help you require will have to be found on google, because you cant punch someone in the face and then ask to loan $50.
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    gold coast, qld. 600rwkw 2004 ba mk2 ute BASIC RUNDOWN std crank, forged engine, atomic 4.5 cams, ported & polished head, o/s valves, precision 7275 gen2, nizpro manifolds, nizpro stg2 intercooler, turbosmart 45mm gate, fpr1200 & race port bov, 2200cc injectors, magnafuel pump, haltech elite 2500, 3.5" defillipo s/s exhaust, th400 rated at 1500hp, 3500 tcs stall, driveline services 1500hp tailshaft, m86 diff with truetrac, 3.45gears, koni adjustables front and rear, heavy duty 2" lower leafs, sl king springs in the front, territory brakes, work emotion 18x11 & 18x9 wheels, 15x8 weld draglites for the track. made just under 600rwkw with a custom garrett gtx4088/t04z mix @ 27psi, should see 800+rwkw with the precision @ 38psi. on the wish list is caltracks with mono leafs, 70/30 adjustable rear shocks, 90/10's for the front. and that's about it.... maybe a re-spray
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    For those interested in the Flex Fuel for the Falcon it should be delivered to our two testers tomorrow. At this stage it is only running in my car and I am still optimizing the final version of the code whilst Roland adds some really neat features to the editor to support it. Basically the code works by reading the Flex Fuel sensor for a % ethanol reading and then uses different blend rams for things like Stoich MBT, cold start table, spark and boost. Bend tables can be changed individually for each table and I have added a few custom ones for fun. Here is the sample of what we have included in the Flex tables: Our testers (IMS and Springy Performance) will be getting a more friendly version, this was only to show yo some of what is in there.
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    Hello all. Names Sam and I’m from Tumut, a little town at the foot of the snowy mountains in country nsw. I have always appreciated the turbo and have been on this forum hiding in the background since 2012. A little bit of my background. I finished year 12 of high school in 2004 and went straight into a machanical engineering (fitting and machining) apprenticeship before the year ended. From there I learnt a lot from the trade as well as picking up fabrication skills mainly in stainless steel tig welding. The shop I worked for specialised in both machining and boiler making and fabrication. As a apprentice you tend to get shifted about a bit learning from all the tradesmen. My hobbies back then were mainly fishing, camping, 4wd touring. Playing rugby league in the winter, cricket in the summer and playing golf in between. My first car was a 1986 2.4 diesel Toyota 4Runner. (Still have it as my knock around Work car). Being non turbo it was a real slug. Especially after the 33” mud tyres and lift etc went on. So I changed out the diff gears from 4.11 to 4.88 ratios and rolled like that fit a couple years. Then I built a high mount tubular style turbo manifold out of stainless steam pipe (with bung for egt probe) and built flanges on the milling machine on my lunch breaks. After fitting them up I built a mandrel bent 3” stainless dump/exhaust with a hotdog muffler. A bit of a tweak on the injector pump according to egt and still happy as near 100k later. Next on the list for the old girl is top mount intercooling. Have the bits there to do it but never got around to it. 2010 my beloved dragons won the nrl premiership and I had a career change. I went in to be a production engineer at a local craft paper making mill doing 12 hour day/night shift basically 5 on 5 off. And still doing it. 2009 saw me buy a 2005 ba mk2 manual GT-P falcon in rapid yellow with 25k on the clock. Did all the usual bolt ons. Lowered suspension with bilstien shocks, full Difilippo exhaust, ballistic cats, underdrives etc. eventually bluepower air box,Herrod cams and blue power tune around 2011. 2012 saw me Drag race for the first time at the fordforums drag nationals where I travelled down with a group from Canberra. And seen me come home with the encouragement award. Bowing out of the dyo Comp by over running my dialed time running my pb for the weekend. 2013 I went back to the same event travelling with the same group. And come home with the trophy for the 12.00-13.99 dyo winner. (Haven’t been back since) A couple more years went by having fun with the GT doing khanacross, short tracks on cootamundra airport and hill climbs with Wagga car club. 2015 seen a exploded diff so I installed a new harrop trutrac centre and second hand 4.11 gears bought from tweeked a year or so earlier. To this day the hasn’t been any other major changes to the GT. Just issues with intermediate timing chain tensioner plastic guides on the drivers side bank. Done 3 of them now since the herrod cams and maybe 35k travelled. First time seen bent valves in 2014 on a qld holiday. So all new chains and sprockets, valves, machine work done through elite auto. 2016 was the 2nd time I got lucky and only had to remove the sump to clean out the plastic etc. 3rd time was at the start of this year about 40m down the road from home. I suspect some kind of engine harmonics are making the drivers side let go maybe from the cams. But this last time the plastic guide grabbed and went around the sprocket and caused a big skip in timing and broke most of the intake finger followers in half. No now it’s living in the garage unregistered until I figure out a plan and what direction I want to go with it. Possibly built motor to hand more revs, bigger cams and something around 200 shot of nitrous OR built motor with single turbo all dabbed up by me or procharger set up. (Brother has au Ute with built dart block/heads 363ci with pd Supercharger so would like to do something different in that regard). Now after all that jibberish leads me to here. Married, mortgage, two kids in daycare under 3 years old. Mrs is driving a 120 prado as the Mum bus. And my only running car was the trusty old 2 door 4runner which isn’t car seat friendly with the little ones. I started looking around for something suitable for me to drive and run the kids around while the Mrs works. Looked at g6e, g6e turbo, f6e and dare I say it, some cammed Expensive Daewoo caprice and Calais. Also at this time my mums partner of something like 20 years recently retired and decided he would trade his ex cop 2007 bf mk2 turbo with the zf in winter white for a new mustang. He called me from the dealership he was thinking of accepting the trade in price of a measley $4k. I told him I would buy it from him for that, so I run to the bank and bought it off him for that price the same day. Happy as Larry. Now pics of the all important turbo When I got it the paint looked cloudy and was in a pretty poor state. Some fading by some kind of chemical used to remove the police stickers. I should have gotten close up pics of it all to show what I mean but these two are the earliest pics I have of the car a few weeks after I went over with tardis to remove old wax that hadn’t been removed and tree sap, bugs and tar After about 18 hours of detailing fun over a few days... 3 stages of cut and polishes topped with Wolfgang fusion estate wax
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    Well I pulled my finger out and ordered a girdle, arp main studs and some 28mm head stud washers. At least I can get started with that to measure some crap in the block and then go from there.
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    My family currently uses exactly one row of Weet Bix every morning.
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    Scored these argents a while ago for the daily for $300! From my mate who owned a tyre shop I was stoaked.
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    This place I found online. A Hereford Beefstouw. Would 100% recommend it This is literally the best steak I've ever had: 500g rib eye on the bone, 45 day dry aged beef cooked to medium-rare. Falls apart in your mouth, has heaps of flavour and juices, fat is so flavoursome that you eat it like a butter/sugar combination of texture and flavour. My FWB had this: 250g sirloin, cooked rare. Absolutely excellent flavours
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    $2.99/kg pork leg. Not bad for a lazy sat. beer and spit.
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    Managed to get Mrs BCB up early (6:30) and went for a ride up to port Douglas for brecky nice spot by the beach, bacon, eggs and coffee mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hardly anyone on the road, made for good bitumen carving gota love winter in the tropics
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    There was a break in the weather and the sun came out. Since the roof is iron, it dried off and I got the job done. Lucky too cos now it's pissing down again.
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    Hi All, I'm new here so go easy, and I'm hoping this can help! I just wanted to share some stuff on here as I had one hell of a time finding it out for myself. After hours of searching and much experimenting with my own FGX G6E I have finally got the Sync 2 Stereo in my FGX sounding right, and this was no easy task. Honestly even after changing all the speakers to quality splits, it souded like they all had pillows in front of them and the louder I turned up the volume, the worse this got. Something had to be done! I'm not going to go into the install of the components but more along the lines of what As-Built Settings you need to change to get your custom speaker/Amp/sub install sounding as it should. You can in fact re-program the Sync 2 to give you Preset Equaliser options, and you can re-program the Audio Control Module (ACM) to output line out levels (RCA +4Volts) from the speaker wires, not only this but you can also re-program the ACM to give you a flat unprocessed output from 20-20000hz and I'll explain why this is important shortly. I have a G6ET which is fitted with the premium audio, and although I haven't tried these mods on any other FGX vehicles, I reckon there is a good chance they will work on all of them. Anyway for me I have purchased a monoblock amp replaced the sub in the rear parcel shelf, changed the speakers and have them running off of a 4 channel amp. The Sub amp gets its signal from the front speaker cables. For those interested the Speaker cables in the front kick panels are the same colour coding as the FG MK2 (which I owned previously also) Right Front: Grey/Green (Neg-) & Grey/Black (Pos+) Right Rear: Blue/Red (Neg+) & Blue Black(Pos+) Left Front: Orange/Light Green (Neg-) & Orange/Black (Pos+) Left Rear: Pink/Green (Neg-) & Pink/Black (Pos+) Once you are wired up you will need to use FORscan(software on Win10) and an OBDLink MX adaptor (tool which plugs into you OBD port) to change the following AS-Built data (sorry you'll have work out this bit for yourself) To Get the Preset Equaliser Options in Sync 2 you will need to change the following; Select the APIM Module, and change the value of the large X to 8. 7D0-01-02 xxxx xXxx xxxx - Enables Preset EQ 0 (Disabled - Default) 8 (Enabled) My original string looked like this 7D0-01-02 0420 0200 0000 With the Preset Equaliser Enabled it looks like this 7D0-01-02 0420 0800 0000 Once Written, Sync will reset itself and the Preset EQ settings should appear. To Disable Factory EQ Processing (This does not affect the BASS/MID/TREB control or the Preset EQs they will still work, this only effects what the ACM does after all of that) The Factory EQ processing that the ACM changes are the Bass and Treble frequencies, it effectively 'rolls them off' as you turn the volume up and that's why the louder it goes the worse it sounds (even with all new amps and speakers) I believe Ford use this fuction to stop your average Motorist from blowing up their crappy factory speakers whilst turning up there favourite tracks. *Prior to doing this modification, turn your volume down* Select the ACM Module and change the values as follows 727-01-02 xXxx - Disables Factory EQ Processing 1 (Enabled - Default) 0 (Disabled) My original string looked like this 727-01-02 0132 With the factory EQ processing disable it looks like this 727-01-02 0032 Once this is written and you cycle the car off/on you will notice a big difference in the sound, especially as you turn the volume up. It will also be alot louder so make sure all your gains on your amps are down as wellyou should now have a clear and unprocessed signal going to your speaker wires (still at speaker level output voltages) In theory you could just have aftermarket speakers connected to the head unit without any amps and they should sound much better, but I have not tried this so proceed with caution. To Change the ACM output Voltage From factory to drive the speakers I believe this comes out at up to about +8V (controlled by the volume control) on the speaker wires as listed above, to be clear, this doesn't magically give you RCA output and bypass the existing amplifier, it only changes the output voltage, so you wouldn't have to use a Speaker Level to RCA level converter to connect to the RCA inputs on your aftermarket amplifier. it also helps avoid 'potential' signal clipping, which once amplified can destroy speakers. Select the ACM Module and change the following values 727-01-01 xxXx xxxx xxxx - Enables Line Level Output 0 (Disabled - Default) 5 (Enabled) My original string looked like this 727-01-01 9E01 1800 806E With the line level output enabled 727-01-01 9E51 1800 806E So you could now hook up your RCA plugs to you speaker wires! always remember to turn down all your volumes/gains prior to trying some music. Your volume control will work as normal. If you are not happy you can just put your old values back in and re-write them to the modules as discussed, Please Make shure you save your factory values before proceeding with these Mods. Hopefully this helps and offers hope to some of you who like myself think the Ford Premium Audio Systems are just not up to scratch (lucky they are so good to drive!)
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    Had the 4 link looked at this morning. Was hoping for a band-aid fix but nope, to make it work well it's going to need a watts link fabbed up to allow longer shocks to be used. Headed over to Bargo to Savage Fiberglass to pickup my custom bonnet, has vents at the front and rear of the 'boss bulge'. Looks decent but no pics till it's painted next week. Then got to race brakes Sydney to pickup a set of Brembo 6/4s with braided lines, DBA 5000 from ts and DBA 4000 rears. Fitted then this arvo,, stops alright but will be better after I flush out the dot4 fluid with dot5.1 stuff.
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    You mean apart from the bigger turbo, external gate, custom larger than stock exhaust, trans cooler, aftermarket ecu, custom intank setup, twin feed fuel rail and running e85? Depending on fuel pressure, boost pressure, afr and rpm that we've seen stock motors do, the injectors could be up around 70%. I doubt they'll push the car there though. They might just be leaving some headroom for a built motor down the track. Haha mebbe that's just what they had lying around.
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    lol when my son was 18 he used to just about do that. and a litre of milk. hes settled down a bit now, but at one point we were going through 18 litres of milk a week (for a family of 5). I spose I could have cut down on the amount of lattes I was making though...
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    Yeh, they have been taken off and stored in the shed. Not a mark on them. Will use for car shows in 20 years time. Now have these on cars.
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    Yep, I have had my dishwasher for 33 years, couldn't do without her....
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    Loling at this made me feel pretty good [emoji23]
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    I miss fresh bread-maker bread. Mum used to make it when I was younger, god it was awesome to come home to! Speaking of appliances, didn't buy it today but I bought a new dishwasher last break and it gets delivered on Wednesday when I get home...pretty excited to not have to do dishes by hand anymore! Also considering using a chunk of the bonus I get paid this week to get a big solar setup on my roof so I can run the ducted aircon all summer without worrying about the associated power bills!
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    I'm not sure how cool this is but I bought a step counter/hr monitor this evening. The wife has one and her friend does too so I figured why not? It is just a cheapy. I also bought a Sunbeam SmartBake Custom 1.25KG Bread Maker as well. Not as cheap but considering we go through 4 loaves a week it should come in handy!
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    Success! Had to use a second spanner as an extension, brace a chisel against a brick I had a foot on, and sit on the engine so it didn't move. Thanks again guys! Engine picked up and gone. I'm basically down to transmission, cat, steering wheel, wheels and a few panels now so will strip it next weekend ready for metal recycling. Not bad for two weeks!
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    You inspired me Rab. I'm just having some marinated chook tits with a couple of sides for dinner but figured why not chuck em on the barby?
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    Jesus...it's like goeer wrote that website...
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    Hahaha I’m pretty terrible with spelling and grammar but that’s nek level,especially for a business
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    I think when you have released your logging software you'll have more interest. Also when some pcmtec tuned cars show solid results, interest will pick up even further. There was mention that @Peppy_t92 had good results with large cam control and drivability. This to me is as much of a game changer as flex fuel and boost by gear is. It's still early days though. If a tuner can't offer flex fuel and boost by gear then 99% of customers will go elsewhere.
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    If your'e going to all the effort to do the engine swap and the turbo interior is in good nic I would consider swapping that in as well. The black interior looks nicer than the RTV one I reckon. http:// I didn't realise I had slight boost control issues until I got mine tuned and I drove it sedately until I could confirm AFRs were safe. With it running rich for safety and only in 2nd gear to keep driveshaft speed down it tuned to 350hp. I now have a stronger tail shaft and an electronic boost controller so will be heading back for a touch up tune when I get a chance. I hid the boost controller in the console and have 2 boost levels - BG1 is gate pressure 7psi and BG2 is hooked up through this 'fishtail' switch and increases boost to 12.5psi. http:// I hope to tighten up the tune and possibly increase the boost pressure if required to get around 400hp, all with a very stock looking engine bay and interior (besides gauges). http:// Good luck with the project! You won't regret it, Ford should have offered the RTV as a turbo I reckon. Let me know if there's anything I can help with or if you'd like some better detailed pics.
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    actually a grammar teacher
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    I'm still suspicious about the wife's story when the diff blew in the BA...
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    yep; you're right... that's lame. do a skid what's the worst that could happen? a couple of slightly futher worn out rear brake pads and discs? lol
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    Don't get me started bro. I pulled off the intake pipe muffler (it was farked and sucking hot air anyway), I taped it and another split up and now it actually sucks air from behind the headlight. That's gotta add another 3hp. I sh*t you not, with those two things done it goes noticeably better
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    Haha I'm due for new tyres so I smoked up the van with the whole family in it. They loved it. Hard on the handbrake, into first, stall it up to 3k rpm and it'll slowly start turning the tyres. Then at 4k it'll go a little better and when vtec comes in at 4600 it gracefully sails up to the limiter. Good old honda odyssey
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    I think I'll jump on the lawnmower today and get the yard sorted out. I've gotta fix the grass chute cos it's a bit busted and is chucking grass all over me. Cbf doing weights atm as the gym area has been kinda taken over by car stuff. I got it all set up a few days ago and I used an old 250gb wd blue that I had lying around. It was using about 80gb per 24 hours. The new 2tb drive literally turned up 15 minutes ago so I'll get that fitted shortly. It has a motion detector function that can keep a log and so far I've seen a couple of people walking their dog across the other side of the street. No dog pooper yet but based upon the frequency and location (lel) of the previous pooper I should be due for another hot juicy yard steamer in the next few weeks. There was a weird thing that happened yesterday morning though; a ute drove past the house and did a u turn, stopped in the middle of the street, rolled their window down and took a photo of the neighbours house on their phone. They must have sat in the middle of the street for about 30 seconds while they frigged around unlocking their phone etc, then they just drove off.
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    I think yours should be handsome guy with big johnson...
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    Yeah - it's my 3am, woke up, dry throat fix
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    Ditch the std exhaust and go twin 2.5 min if on budget. BA BF exhaust is really restrictive.. , especially the cat.
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    Yep, bigger, better, quick where is Jet he will sell you one.... (1st warning adams355)
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    Yea the only benefit is our rego's are cheap and Pod filters & bov's dont get you defected lol. No wonder so many kiwis move to Aus though similar lifestyle and can actually make ends meet and have a life.
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    I got his bracket and the upper grill he makes. It's all overpriced but shiny so if you like shiny get it.
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    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
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    Its almost worth me buying just for my own car and friends.
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    Woot it's going to be 20 degrees today. Time to bust out the c string and get a tan
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    I connected to the ciggie lighter not sure why yours has 3 wires? mine only had pos and a neg unless yours lights up when the headlights are turned on if that's the case I got no idea where to run them
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