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  1. Happy Birthday Xr50!

  2. Yeah if I was gay or drove a Holden. Lol
  3. Might give this a go. http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/Dupli-Color-Aerosol-Paint-Engine-Enamel-Ford-Red-340g.aspx?pid=324064&menuFrom=80405#Recommendations
  4. Anyone know where to buy paint to touch up the Red valve cover, does it need to be heat proof etc. Paint code? Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else but I couldn't find anything.
  5. Got some new rims fitted
  6. Yeah maybe but I dont let it get very dirty anyway
  7. Ha ha yeah maybe
  8. Yeah not a fan of lowering
  9. Well bit the bullet and............................ f*ck Yeah, Pimped!
  10. Hey mate. Any chance of getting 2 of the small ones
  11. Just looking at some vertini Drift 20's 8.5 front and 10 on the rear. Car is stock. they wanna fit 245/35 on the front and 275/30 on the rear. wots the go with offset with these coz I have absolutely no f*ckin idea. Chiz
  12. Anyone have a photo of the Gold Vertinis on a Fg in sunburst?
  13. Fark over 4 months and not one reply. Having the same dilemma, considered venom but now looking at mongoose, recommended byan installer and aussie made. Still not decided though
  14. is it different on an fg ute cant seem to work out how to remove the whole unit. also how to get to bulbs
  15. Well picked my car up yesterday and its all good. Full respray and all stolen parts replaced with new factory parts so all in all I'm pretty happy considering. New door and ignition barrels and 2 new coded remotes. Was really concerned how I'd feel about it but driving it around yesterday and today I think I'm happy to have it back. Gonna stick on some new rims and probably fit an alarm and tracking system. God I love these cars.