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Fg F6, Cms tuned

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Hi guys, back in a new for me. Fg F6, I sold my last fg xr6t mk 11. As I wanted to concentrate a little more on my rx3 project. And drove a diesel navara around for a year as my sorta daily, as I have a company vehicle. But missed the big barra rush. So here is the new kinda daily. Fg F6 bought with a few mods already done,had kings springs and bilsteins fitted,walbro 460,hard pipe kit,xforce stainless 4''dump pipe,xforce cat and an autotech 98 tune.Ive replace the front ssl kings springs for sl kings springs.And started collecting a few bits and pieces so I could get CMS to give the car a decent tune. It came with 318rwkws from autotech at Granville,the tune I thought was average and the zf tune was horrible. So first mod I did was install a large trans cooler with a fan. And take the car off to CMS to service and flush the gearbox for me with liquid moly synthetic fluid and genuine zf filters and gaskets.And bin the stock ford zf cooler.Next I fitted a pw stage 2 cooler which fitted the pipes already fitted to the car, plaz 4'' turbo side airbox and battery relocation kit,3.5'' catback xforce exhaust mated to the 4'' dump and cat,kpm e85 10 micron fuel filter and kpm modified bosch fuel reg,and lastly I fitted some xspurt 1000cc injs and Joe from CMS loaded a tune into my sct device so I could get the car from home to his shop with the 1000cc injs.

So next off I dropped the car off to CMS and they fitted new valve springs with new retainers and Joe tuned the car for 98,e85 and the zf tune. Still with the stock f6 turbo,it made 385rwkws on 98 and 410rwks on e85,with the michellin sport cup 2 s spinning a bit on the dyno.Done with a peak on 17/18psi on both fuels. And the zf is now great to drive again. Firm but nice. Future mods would be a built tailshaft,and a more extensive fuel pump setup.And maybe a 66mm billet wheel for the f6 turbo.

Once again,a big thanks to the CMS crew. Great work.



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F6 went back into cms to check a code that had come up and to give it a run up on the dyno. Now I've put a few tanks of e85 thru it. Joe adjusted a few things, and gave it a clean bill of health and came out with a couple more killerwasps. Put down 423rwkws, which I'm pretty happy with still on the stock f6 turbo. I took it out to roll racing at Sydney Motorsport track, and had a great night handing out quite a few Barra chops. In the elimination rounds Ended up in the final 10 cars out of 140. And got beat by a 565kwat all 4wheels wrx on Hoosier radials. It's a fun event and had my missus in as a passenger the whole night, which she enjoyed. The track seemed a bit slippery for the big powered cars, my 420rwkws on 275/40/17 et radials seemed to work well.

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I didn't get any. The boss lady beside me, was too busy taking pics of Porsche s, Ferrari  and anything else that was exotic. Great event overall, definitely recommended.

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