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This one popped again, and a year later.

Tried X3 a few months back, but found that to be the longest and slowest game ever. I think after 300 years you start to get the hang of it.

But I did find sins of a solar empire as a real-time stratgy game. Very well thought out,easy to play, great graphics and doesnt chew the cpu up.

A few hours here and there is my thing, but not this endless sh!t that X3 was. faaaaaark me.


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There's a bit of online banter about at the moment concerning a remake of X-Wing versus Tie Fighter. WOuld be sick with current gen graphics capabilities. Try EVE online it's not bad. Oh, and the intellectual property for the Homeworld series is back in the hands of the creators, so it is now more likely that Homeworld 3 will hatch. HW and HW2 are still my favourite all time games.

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Freespace an oldy but a goodie too! Homeworld good also! Need a good new one in this area of gaming I think!


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