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Space Sims

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Probably admitting that im a little ghey here, but the only real games I muck around on are space sims. A few months ago I was playing Freelancer, which was a few years old but these type of games I prefer. And recently I found Sins of solar a empire, which isnt really a space sim but was having some fun with that. Bit of along game though.

I spose it all started with "Elite" on the old Late model camira 64. Will be washing my mouth out after using that word. Then came some Freespace on some real old PC's.

Now what else is there out there worth having a crack at?? New or even some years old is fine. I hear X3 or even the older X ones are lifelong games, but maybe to long for me.

Any reccomendations?????????????

a momentarily ghey I.B.


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seriously thou I.B

can u get space sims? what do u do? just stare at a black screen?

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I am a fan of them also I there are not meny good ones out there. I found a gem of a game called star trek bridge commander. lets you fly the ship warp and blow sh*t up it a few years old but a good game. im not into mmo but EVE online is a space game its like an online freelancer.

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IB and everyone- there is a lot of 'freeware/shareware' space sims out there...

Any 'named' ones you are looking for and ill see if I can find it for you?


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Enjoyed playing Edge of Chaos, but Space sims have really gone out of favour so a new one will be hard to find.

Now unless you want to play WOW type games the best games go to consoles and the PC misses out

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