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Yeah she knows.


The previous owner tried concreting the back half of the shed and didn't bother screeding it. I bought a jack hammer and removed it cos it was completely and utterly farked. As a result only the first 5 metres of the shed has concrete and the rest is dirt covered in carpet, until it gets fixed.


The shed is already 11 metres in length and I'm going to extend it a further 8 metres, concrete all of it, then make a dyno cell inside it from cool room panels with acoustic foam lined inside to prevent reverberation. I have an extraction system with it, it has a couple of pipes to line up with the exhaust so can do twin or single exhaust vehicles. It then goes into a 2 foot vent pipe with a hectic fan.


I bought an 8mx4.5m above ground swimming pool somewhat recently that I want to set up after the dyno. I'll hire a bobcat to dig and prep the floor for the shed as well as prep a pool area out the back. I think I'll scrape a lot of the back yard to make it flat and probably do the front yard too cos it's also farked. I'll do a whole bunch of grass seeding for the yard for now, I've had success in the past doing it and late winter/spring will be the best time to get it started.


So yeah that's the rough plan, I've got the funds available to do it all, just gotta fix my car first cos it's a priority then I'll get into the other stuff.

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morning all, happy Monday and King's B'day public holiday for all those that have it (QLD and WA, wtf haha). 🗝️

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