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  1. please dont tell me u used the bayside bumpers :$ To my knowledge, hes the only guy who does plastic welding but he screwed up my genuine fpv rear bumper and after few months I have weld marks and stretch marks visible.. howd urs go anyway
  2. saw a black FG xr6T sedan parking at the melb zoo today.. dark agents.. lip spoiler.. lowered and a nice juicy front mount =]
  3. Yeh that's Roger.. ever since the hail damage, he lost motivation towards his car and is going to be sellin it soon.. real shame ! and yeh. his rear 20's just kept gettin flat to :/
  4. was pretty good cruisin with ya all.. thanks for directing me heaps henz
  5. sorry.. just saw this post up on a meet up tonight.. so 11:30pm at JB in dandy tonight hey.. any set cruise.. I think I will come down.. so one pls p.m me their mobile number if its on tonight just incase cheers
  6. was driving by ORSM4L today.. not sure why hes selling his car for. its really nice
  7. For those who have messaged me, the Group Buy is closed. The carbon Fibres have already been produced, the Fibreglass ones are in their final stage of being made and those will be sent out shortly. Expect a phone call from me shortly just to confirm details before I send them out. thanks !
  8. I think I will post it up in aff lol.. -_-
  9. that's odd. I thought I posted a reply to this thread not long ago.. she said it was a guy in his 40's .. not a teen or p plater.. and shes 16 >:(
  10. I dont think it was a cobra because she said it didnt have stripes on the side or doors.. but it was in Noble Park.. =[
  11. this is unusual to your everyday spotting.. but my little cousin walking to school today, said she was walking down the street.. and some aussie guy driving a white fpv with blue stripes down the middle, with plates fpv-### did a u-turn and drove up to her by the footpath and got out, asking her to hop into his car several times.. pretty alarming that theres pedos driving our cars
  12. received payment from 1 more buyer in fibreglass. waiting for 1 more and then we are good to go.
  13. [quote name='Kelvin stephen' timestamp='1297082760' post='1079178'] Has anybody received their eyelids? I have not received any replies to private messages for the last two weeks. Payment was made on the 22/12/10 and the last message I received was on the 2/1/11. Should I be worried yet? [/quote] Hey, sorry for the worry I p.m'd you just now before I saw this. A fair amount of people have pulled out last minute, and some haven't even replied once I p.m'd them the payment details and even to my reminder messages.. So now we are just waiting on 2 more people to pay or buy for fibreglass and then the company can begin making more moulds which takes about 10 - 12 days. Heres pics of the fibreglass ones they sent us as the prototype. [IMG]http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t171/usher8703/01-5.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t171/usher8703/02-2.jpg[/IMG]
  14. middle one mate... you a predator fan as well hey..? how much for just the rear one.. I will probably contact him soon since he's already got the GT rear bar measurements for the mesh, but get maybe the typhoon christmas tree mesh u know how much they quoted me at FTG wreckers... $950 !!! for the rear mesh.. unbelievable
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