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  1. Hello Everyone, Just after some clarification, If I buy 6x8 speakers for my falcon xt (which apparently have 5x7 slots) can I fit the 6x8 in the front and rears if I also buy a "speaker spacer" (DNA WBA069 6x9" Speaker Adapter Plates for Ford Falcon BA BF). Will it plug and play or will I still not have enough room in the front doors still? I haven't done any physical testing but would like to ask if anyone can tell me the go. I'm persistent on getting 4 way speakers and they are only in 6x8.
  2. Valve springs, oil pump, head studs and injectors. I'm still learning myself but these are the things that you will probably want to change to aftermarket if you want a bigger turbo / more power.
  3. Yes, that's great to know. So the RWC guy must not be aware of that with this model car... lol I don't have a FOB or remote control for the door, the guy I bought the car from only gave me the key itself. The RWC guy failed me on the doors because when you unlock the driver door with the key it doesn't unlock all the other doors.. Thanks Keith.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here! New to cars in general, Loving this community and really glad to be apart of it. 😄
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new here and to the car scene in general. Bought my first car, it's a second hand Ford Falcon BA XT MkII 2004 So I got a roadworthy guy to come out and inspect the vehicle and one of the things he failed me on was the central locking... I mean, personal opinion I think he's taking the piss. Like the tires being too worn and seat belt retractor not engaging properly is very understandable but a central locking problem? That I don't even know is a problem because I thought that's how the door operates... Like, I wanted to argue with the guy but I thought
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