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  1. Yeah its got the black side stripe bit but I can get it painted cool so it'll be the same ill get it then cheers
  2. Would a ba xt mk2 rear driver's door fot my ba xr6 turbo mk2 got reversed into and need a replacement and that's the only one I've found near me cheers
  3. Gonna give the throttle body a clean and nah complete stock not even any mods yet
  4. Just started my ba xr6 turbo and it went straight to 2500 3000rpm and the check engine light was on then dropoed to an almost stall whole car shaking and wouldn't move in D (drive) but did move in reverse I turned car off and back in no light and engaged in drive fine no issue am going to book it in to a mechanic just seeing if anyone else has had tbis type issue
  5. I need to go for rego/blue slip and my new wheels havnt arrived yet that's all
  6. Cant really find it anywhere but is it allowed to run 17 inch on front and 18inch on back in aus/NSW
  7. St33nXR

    Need help

    Yeah I asked if they could make a duplicate key I thought it would of been coded and stuff I'll have to go back tomorrow if not I'll go and see a ford dealer or something cheers the help hopefully I can get it sorted just want my xr back and to be dosing everywherr haha
  8. St33nXR

    Need help

    Yeah it's the original bem and pcm from the car only thing that's now diffent is the dash and cluster it is from a non turbo ba everything else has not changed I got a new transponder key today from the local locksmith and when I do the pats reset it wont pick it up but picks the original up so I'm lost it thinks its been stolen should I go to a ford dealer? Or back to the locksmith because the key isnt recognized sorry for all this just dont wanna spend more cash if I don't have too
  9. St33nXR

    Need help

    Okay it was a NA I pulled the dash out of though so by the sounds of it its not gonna work at all?
  10. St33nXR

    Need help

    Alright I have the whole icc will just putting it be qs good or do I need to take it apart
  11. St33nXR

    Need help

    Ive just replaced my whole dash in my xr6t ba 2005 and im using the same icc and pcm but car will not start at all I even went and got a second key made (150 bucks) to-do a pats reset but the second key is not being reconized by the forscan software, security error is on the icc all warning lights are on the cluster I've tried everything but nothing seems to be working I'm most likely gonna have to send it to an auto elic any ideas are appreciated I'm sstuck and have put more money into it than I wanted too cheers
  12. Have replaced dash all wiring is done but car is now saying security code error I have the original ICC but not thw cluster due to it melting and it wont even crank all waring lights are on any ideas Cheers
  13. Yeah awesome wasnt sure if that would be a idea cheers will start the tomorrow
  14. Hi ive posted about my burnt xr t before but I have taken the burnt dash out and am about to put a good one in out of a doner car only problem is the wire with the yellow plastic on it that goes into the front of the fuse box then out into the engine the tip is burnt and was wondering if I should change the whole thing over or if it could be cut and the connector put on from the doner
  15. Short behind fuse box had it for 3 months then at servo looked over smoke and opened door boom fire got it lookong great was sitting for afew years 140thou on the clock was my dream to have a nice turbo car that's why I wanna repair it only area that's damaged is that small area pull back the plastics and wires are good just fuse box and dash melted
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