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  1. Hi all. Car is a FG xr6 turbo 2008 sedan. I have replaced my old turbo pte 6466 and upgrading to a newer turbo that requires oil and a new water feed. I currently have only a oil feed in place but now need to run a new coolant feeds to and from the new Turbo etc. Any recommendations on where to run this from would be great. I assuming to feeds are required one in and out. I have also found an outlet below the thermostat housing, can this be used as one feed? Thanks Manny
  2. it ended up being the zf6 fuse being cactus. something so simple. Upon ignition, the car goes through prechecks (is abs reachable, tok -> moves onto next check, is zf6 there (fail) then spat codes out. Codes were similar to the start of this thread. As I got no response for a while from my post and didn't get emails I.e. to pour water on my ecu lol😀 I hadn't logged in for a while. U1900 P1000 U1055 U1066 Thank goodness transmission control module in gear box wasn't cactus as this would have meant a more costly exercise.
  3. Can I confirm the faults you are seeing in your Ford, you have a ZF6 Speed auto in your FG?
  4. im having same issue..can you please help me.
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