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  1. I tried jump starting the car with the old battery still in I live about 500kms from the closest ford dealer. im onto ford now as the car is still under new car warranty but its not really going anywhere whether they believe its a warranty or not job
  2. Im having the exact same problem with my FG XR6T Replaced battery cleared codes and it still wont start and still get the same 4 codes U0166 U1900 U0155 P1000
  3. Hey all, I own a 2010 FG XR6T, recently the battery died so I replaced it. Now my car wont start when I turn the ignition over nothing happens at all! The new battery is fine all fuses seem fine, I got a scan tool and ran it through the car, the car showed up with 20 fault codes after documenting each code we cleared them but 4 still remain. U1900 P1000 U1055 U1066 Can someone please help me or show me a solution!
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