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  1. 2 servos that sell E85. I haven't heard about watermeth before, anyone on the forum done it before? more info about it would be awesome.
  2. Yeah bolt on spacers, E85 would be amazing and I wish I could but living in tassie and only having 2 petrol stations in the whole state with the closest one to me being 100km away it wouldn'tmake sense to do the conversion until it becomes avalible closer to me, how ever there is a place that sells drums of powerplus down here but they charge out the ass for it :(
  3. they defiantly give people a good scare when you give em a whack haha
  4. I am writing this thread to keep track of all the modifications in one place, So it all started 2 years ago in 2014 when I purchased the ute it had 72,000 k's on the clock, was a completely stock 2007 BF MK2 N/A Auto XR6, it had a couple of factory extras the 18" alloys and the single bulge hard lid. As all car owners I said to my self I wouldn't go crazy with the ute, keep it fairly stock and a reliable daily car. Well first day I decided to grab some plastidip cans and give the heels a coat in what was called "smoke" this was the result, This was enough to keep me happy for a bit nothing crazy but it had my own touch on the car, a couple of months later I de badged the tail gate, side skirts and smoked the taillights. During this time I also added 2 12" subs behind the seats of the extra doof doof A few more months had passed by and the tread was getting a little bit low on the rear tyres for some reason, and what could be a more better excuse to get a new set of rims, after a tough week deciding what rims I wanted I ended up with these, Lenzo D1R 18x8.5 in the front and 18x9.5 in the rear wrapped in pirellis. With the new rims it didn't look right being so high in the rear and that wheel gap had to be fixed, so I put super low king springs in the front and sent her off to get the leafs reset in the rear, aslo I got offered a spoiler for a price it would have been rude to say no too so that went on too. Now this was it for the aesthetics and where things come to a bit of a hault. I was on my way to work december of last year and ...BANG... there goes the diff and there is me stuck in the middle of the street. on to a tow truck home she went where she sits now, but this is where the good part begins. I had slowly been keeping an eye out and picking up turbo parts and now I guess the time had come to out them in. So first things first I put in the new diff, LSD out of an AU XR8, this was an easy swap and took about an hour, the only differences between the AU and the B series is that the right side hand brake cable has to be ground off and welded back on about 4 inches further down. I also had to buy 1 inch wheel spaces to stop the rim from hitting on the shock. Next was replacing the fuel regulator to a 3.3 bar, replacing the map sensor to a 2 bar which involves cutting off the old plug and connecting the new one wiring it in reverse. I took the transmission heat exchanger off and connected an areoflow oil cooler, put on the turbo and manifold, tee'd into the oil pressure sensor for my oil feed, tee'd into the heater water pipes for my water feed and return and tapped the sump for my oil return. This brings us to today where im waiting for the rest of my pipping to turn up today to finish the intercooler piping. Also while waiting for parts, I have gone a little crazy with my new favourite paint, wrinkle black, painting the ecu, radiator tank, fuse box and inside trims So now hopefully if everything goes right the piping will turn up this week and it will be going in for tunning next week
  5. By then the ute should defiantly be back on the road I would be more than happy to meet up with you guys when you get to the south end of the state and show you some of the awesome hidden and secret roads we have
  6. My original idea was to have 2 10" subs behind each seat with the amp in the middle but that soon changed when I went to bunnings and they told me they were unable to cut the big sheet of MDF for me, so ended up getting the smaller sheet which was half the size but only $5 cheaper, I got home and re did my box design for a single 10" in the middle of the seats and the amp sitting behind drivers seat and fabbed it up that night. The Amplifier I'm using is a Fusion EN-3004 and the Sub is Sony Xplod XS-L1035. The next day I went to Jaycar and got everything for the wiring, - 5m 8G Power wire - High Low converter - Fuse Holder - 10m Roll 7.5A Power cable Power wiring for the amp is as follows: Positive is run directly from the battery with its fuse just behind the fuse box then run through the clutch cable grommet in the fire wall down under the kick panel and up to the rear speaker then into the Amplifier. Ground is run to the same grounding point as the rear window de-mister. Remote is wired to the cigarette lighter. The High Low converter converts the speaker signal back into a RCA connection making it possible to plug into the amp, it was fairly simple to wire up, Just make sure all your polarities are correct otherwise you will run into problems. I haven't had any problems with it yet at all, apart from the neighbours telling me to turn it off
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if someone could tell me how much lower XR's sit compared to XT's, Cheers
  8. Hey guys, looking at getting a set of rims for my bf ute, currently running the 18" factory rims, but I'm thinking I would like 19's, just wondering if people could post pictures of what rims/tyre/offset they are running, I have been looking at the rota gforce, p45, grid r but im not 100% sure how they will look
  9. I have thought about a manual conversion, but thought it been an auto putting a 6 speed auto box in it would be easier and cheaper obviously I was wrong?
  10. Scrap that just car will do it for 1100
  11. only problem with getting a turbo is that it cost me close to 2 grand if not more per year insurance because im still on my p's for another year I would love to get one though
  12. Hi I have a 07 xr6 N/A Ute and am wanting to put a ZF 6 speed in it, just wondering if anyone has done the conversion before and how hard it is and what I would have to do/how much it would cost. I have heard that its fairly difficult on the BA's can't find anything about the BF's though, cheers in advance.
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