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  1. Happy Birthday kylec!

  2. 20x8 with 245/30r20 all round GT 335 Edit: ignore this, photo wont upload
  3. Hey mate, myself and a few mates catch up most weekends, a bit of a mix matched group of cars but try and stay out of trouble and have a good night.. can post up next time if you would be interested!?
  4. Happy Birthday kylec!

  5. Hi was wandering if there is any gain/worth the time and money to use a factory fg xr6 turbo intercooler and piping over the ebay "monza" intercooler. Its on my Bf mk2.. also should start will the fg cooler fit the bf? I understand that there might be some modification needed. Thanks
  6. Check the hand brake cable behind the rotor also.. if it is slightly loose it tinks/rattles over little bumps
  7. Will the 3" silicon joiners replace all the factory ones, ie the air box to cross over and cross over pipe to turbo etc?
  8. I know its not fg but I have them on my bf in 20s havent had a problem, had 4 sets of tyres so far.. and there had been no damage or buckles to the rims that I have seen or that the wheel balancer has picked up.. Im quite happy with the quality of the rim for a copy
  9. These are all from pedders.. I have done that before double nut and loctite.. couldnt get them undone again though to replace ball joints though.. And they definitely werent loose! Was a pain to get them ubdone
  10. 2006 BF MK2 6speed manual.. Upgraded intercooler, typhoon cai, h/d clutch and lightened flywheel. Yet to be tuned
  11. Hi everyone, ive noticed a few people are having issues with snapping sway bar links in the middle of the link.. has anyone snapped the actual thread part just inside the rubber boot? Ive snapped 3 like this in 2 months, 2 within 3 weeks.. any suggetions would he great!? Thanks
  12. kylec

    Turbo Intake

    Ok thanks, at the moment I have the F6 intake a 'monza'? Intercooler and twin 2.5inch cat back. Also getting 4inch dump and cat to make hopefully 300ish rwkw.. Will this suffice or will I be better off spending the money first?
  13. kylec

    Turbo Intake

    https://www.plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=70&cate=65 Has anyone used this setup? What are the reviews?
  14. kylec

    Turbo Intake

    Ok thanks, Ill be putting it in a bf mk2 6speed manual.. I like the idea of the short distance the air needs to travel so there it comes on boost quicker/stronger?
  15. kylec

    Turbo Intake

    Hi all, Had a bit of a look around but havent been able to find anything to answer the question.. My question is, if I was to put on a 4" intake to the turbo and relocate the battery to either boot or other side of engine bay (is that's possible!?) Will the car need to be tuned straight away? will it cause any damage if it isnt tuned? And is it a big benefit if im chasing 3-350rwkw? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

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