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  1. Happy Birthday dcaj2!

  2. Happy Birthday dcaj2!

  3. Happy Birthday dcaj2!

  4. Happy Birthday dcaj2!

  5. From the dragster.com.au forum's this note: "Mark is a very very sick boy and has been transfered to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth for more intense neurological supervision. The main worry is with the head area..." Hopefully Mark makes a full recovery.
  6. 77km's. My car came with a bonus scratch on the leather on the back seat which wasn't picked up for a couple of days after getting the car. The dealer said that I did it. I said I couldn't have as no one was in the back seat. They offered to get it fixed for me, as long as I paid......
  7. dcaj2


    Congrats on the getting the XR6T. For your exhaust, have a chat to the guys at D&T Performance in Wangara. They did mine and it sounds fantastic!!!
  8. Good to meet other owners. Please add me to the list: David Black Shockwave, rego DCAJ2 dcaj@theblacks.id.au 0402 358 192

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