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  14. The differential centre in the rear of the car is mounted in a subframe that holdes the rear suspension and the diff. There are 3 bushes that hold the centre in place. One at the back and one on each side. Unfortunately, they wear and split quiet often, even in a territory or something like that, so tend to go more often on the high power and possible harder driven cars. Manuals make the issue worse as there is the loading and unloading all the time on gear changes. It is a time consuming job and not to be done at home. Best left to the dealerships! Hope this helps! Mark
  15. It is amazing what people will say when they have no idea! The reason the speed limit it on the space saver tyre is due mainly to the handling of the vehicle. As we should all know, you try to keep the same tread pattern tyre on the front and the same on the back so the handling of each end is the same! By putting these skinny tyres on the car on one side, the handling is affected. I doubt alot of people would tell the difference but the risk for the manufacturer is not worth it!

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