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  1. Happy Birthday conza!

  2. Happy Birthday conza!

  3. Happy Birthday conza!

  4. Happy Birthday conza!

  5. conza

    Engine Temps

    I work with Nick so I will give him a call and see if he can get onto the forum and post what he knows on the subject.
  6. conza


    Try Wheel King... They offer original wheels not cheap import copies. http://www.wheelking.com.au/index.html Cheers
  7. Check this little unit out as well. The rest of the website is full of cool stuff too. http://www.mrgadget.com.au/catalog/griffin...dle-p-1795.html
  8. I think its disgraceful and an insult to all genuine FPV and XR owners! IMHO..... I hate it with a passion.
  9. Coo, do a search on ebay for Ford BA MP3 and you should find several on auction. Expect to pay between $40 - $80 for one. Much cheaper than from Ford $110.
  10. Thanks heaps Decov, going to tackle the lilttle job now. Cheers.
  11. Hi guys, can anyone please provide me a couple of pointers in removing the trim on the side of the centre console. I have the instructions that came with the FORD Aux cable, but they are very poor in copy quality. Do I need a screwdriver or do they just pop off in an upward motion? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Conza
  12. conza

    My Story

    Yep full on give em heaps...!!! From my experience a lot of swearing and yelling at the Dealer Principal not only makes you feel much better but it gets action. Once you have completed the feel better task of swearing and yelling, write a letter to FORD Australia outlining your experience in purchasing a FORD from a FORD Dealer... You can expect an immediate responce from FORD and the dealer. Good Luck. P.S - Whatever you do dont let them get away with it without a fight.
  13. Seriously awesome! http://testudladry.free.fr/jcc_videos2005/..._castellana.wmv LeMans Audi R8 demo run @ Rallye de Catalonia in Spain. Turn up the volume on this one !!
  14. Ooops Sorry V8 FRD, im losing it. Definitely 19x9.5 at the rears. that's what mine are and legal.
  15. Yep agreed, 8.5 on the front easy! Not sure about 19.5 on the back though ;-)
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