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  1. I really dont find anythin scary about the western Ring. The new movie The Mist isnt bad hey, doesnt blow smoke up some of the other movies mentioned here but it does have a good twist at the end which I have heard is different to the book. Exorcist scared the sh*t outta me as a kid. Other than that I dont think you can really go passed the japanese for scary movies Cheers Nut
  2. What I would do for that car is unmentionable! Seriously though, what an incredible piece of kit! I know what id be buying if I could even imagine a budget that stretched that far! Cheers Nut
  3. I see some records about to fall! Once again congratulations boys! So glad you both finally got there, and incredible to hear that you both have more left!!!! WOW
  4. Oh I didnt know he had the atomic engine too.....
  5. Congratulations Dave! Awesome times mate. Glad to see all the hard work on these two cars has paid off! Are you still chasing the 9's like you were talking about a while ago? Cheers Nut
  6. Anyone got any figures yet from their car? How accurate do we think this is?
  7. Sounds awesome mate! A big XR6T meet in Townsville would be great, there are alot of T non-believers up this way which need some silencing! Would be awesome to see some good times being run here...... And I havent seen Kent in a while, not sure whats happening with his ute...? Might give him a message Cheers Nut
  8. Brilliant work guys, cant wait to see some figures from the strip!
  9. I got 318rwkw on a 38 degree North Queensland day with stock piping and a monza @ 13psi.....
  10. Sounds awesome mate, let me know when you plan on heading down this way to the strip.... Will be very interested to come out Cheers Nut
  11. Cheers again guys, Well im liking the sound of all the feedback im getting, might need to have a chat to the friendly insurance broker..... BTW im still yet to take the car for a drive! I suppose that may be the determining factor...
  12. Well I have looked at Shannons and JustCars and its not too bad as a yearly cost, but the premiums for a claim are redicuous! So if I were to get it I suppose I would have to be VERY careful..... Hmmm
  13. Cheers for the info guys, especially sixfan.... Im mainly trying to figure out how it would be as a daily and how expensive they are for mild mods ie. bang for your buck, also reliability Also bearing in mind im 22, insurance could be costly......
  14. Cheers for the quick reply's guys! It will be a daily driver, and the fact that it is basically a $60,000 lancer doesnt really bother me because here in NQ there are very few on the roads and I like the thought of a little more individuality. Are they very expensive cars to modify further? Nothing too drastic but possibly a few more herbs might be on the cards (few things remain stock dont they?)
  15. Hey guys, Just wanted to get a few opinions from you all. A friend of mine is currently looking to sell his Mitsubishi Evo VIII which has approx 30,000km's on it, Tein coil over suspension upgrade, Brembo brake upgrade, ECU flash (not sure what system it is but apparently brings power up to approx that of the Jap sec Evo, has not been tuned by a tuner). Otherwise the car is stock and is in absolutely immaculate condition (he is a serious fanatic), has never been raced etc. So im entertaining the idea of possibly selling the T and getting this Evo. Does anyone have any opinions for me? Would it be a worthwhile change? Or would it be a car I would grow tired of quickly? Has anyone/does anyone own one? He is selling the car at quite a reasonable price, and is only selling it because he currently has the Evo, an Audi RS4 and just ordered the Audi R8, so he decided the Evo might need to go.... Of course by posting this on here im expecting most to say stick with the T but any constructive advise would be much appreciated.... Cheers Nut
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