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  1. Not spotted - any kind of falcon turbo at any kind of event which requires an ability to turn a corner... Dissapoint.. But the Rice cooker is cooking rice.. Incar: +1 on the BTR 4 speed - required...
  2. FFS manlady, push some boost.. BTW, flick me an email, I can't be arsed walking to the study to extract yours from the PC and my fone is zero..
  3. Cheers. There is more in it, next couple of rounds will be good.. D is 4WD A under 2000cc B 2000cc -> 3600cc C 3600cc + 'O' in all of them is Open, or unlimited..
  4. The track last night was not friendly to my car at all.... The fact I ran more power and nearly 100kg less weight didn't help. I just couldn't get it to leave the line. 2.0 / 2.1 60's, best run being 11.6 @ 120, and in that run it lit up first so I got off it and then lit up second. After that I tried sandbagging off the line at lower revs and it all went to sh*t.. When I nearly stalled and proceeded to miss 2nd, running 12.1 I took my bat and ball and went home.. But, on the track it's dialed in and menacing fun... http://www.clubracer.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ResultsOutput-Round-2.p
  5. Sign me up ladies. Killing fields............... Easier to join something though: http://www.allfours....5th-August-2012 http://www.clubracer...u/?page_id=2116 Barbs long would be great - I had a ball with Phil out there on the last Xtreme day (watch it for a while..)
  6. Not this one Work got in the way - at least a month before I can get down there now..
  7. Looks like I'm heading down tomorrow night in the rice burner. Less weight, less fuel, more timing, more boost, more traction. Surely it can only end in tears???? Hope not, State Sprint Series Sunday arvo... ..
  8. Hows that beer going Johnny, cold yet? Been too long. Flicking thru your albumn, that pic of me tuning the F6 in the carpark at the cruise brings back memories... Great day that.. Motorplex Thursday 19th from 6:30pm if you have nothing to do.. McRae Rallysprint..
  9. lol.. take your ladygina back to softcokland with all the other mod huggers. Tab is there, he likes ladyginas.. (BTW, glad you took the time & trolled to find an error in my spelts....) hook.line.sinker.
  10. Post edited by a highly sensitive, emotional and somewhat unpredictable creature.
  11. It takes too much co-ordiantion to organise a track day... Will have to wait for an XFT / Active day.....
  12. Colli **Fixed Collie blows Barbs out of the water as a track. BTW Collie is $1800 for the day to hire the track on a W/E.. They also have a drag strip you can hire for $660 !
  13. Considering these were the types of cars in front of me, I think I did orright !....: ( I was actually quicker than this car.....) And this mint Radical had a stroked 'bussa motor in it, two drivers alternating.. Only John Clarke was in front of me and in a sedan - but it's a 7 litre chev motor shoe horned into a fully sorted 180SX, and he's a driving instructor. The rest were open squeelers on slicks or that Radical on slicks.. Making excuses, my pBox shows a 'best lap' in the mid-high 48's on my low boost tune..
  14. Booyah http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?23/10/2011.COLI.Q2.Y
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