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  1. thanks for reply guys- could I grap a price for invo's in 265 30/ 19 as well? cheers  




      Hi Mate,

      Sure! We have the 265/30R19 Nitto Invo's available instock and we will be looking at $250 per tyre.

      Let me know what you think!




  2. Hi Guys, We have some specials on some Nitto, Bridgestone's and Yokohama’s. Special Pricing is listed in our Sponsor section of the website. Leave a post or Send us a PM and we will get back to you with the best possible pricing, if your size is not listed please post your sizes and we will price you up. We love to look after our forum customers Cheers, Al
  3. Who Has A Motorbike,

    started off on a cbr250rr, gotta love that 19k redline. Now on a k4 gsxr1000, Had been looking for a k8 ( got it back in 09) but this one was too good a deal to pass. came tuned with a power commander and braided lines and brake upgrades, love that bike.
  4. Epa A Must Read

    If your worry is passing, you could cut and drill a flange and bolt it between the cat/ dump, will get the noise down without a doubt( depending on how big you drill the hole/holes)
  5. Will These Rims Fit ?

    What you would consider perfect fitment might be totally unnaceptable to someone else. You are better off going through the other threads here in particular the wheelwhore thread and finding a picture and the coinciding fitment of what you would consider a perfect fitment.
  6. Will These Rims Fit ?

    Do you want them sitting close to stock or coming out further? We usually go 32-35 on the fronts and 38-40 on the rears. that's for a nice safe fitment. To have em coming out, 25 front and 28 rear.
  7. Whats Everyone Do For A Crust?

    I sell bread... well that's what I say when customers walk in to the office or call us up and ask if we sell tyres...
  8. Nt05's In Melbourne

    NT05 coming end of this week, INVO coming in a couple more weeks for full list of whats coming end of this week I'll just leave this here! http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/74865-the-nitto-tyres-thread-invo-nt01-nt05-nt05r-special-pricing-updated-till-1-6-11/page__st__200__gopid__1292931#entry1292931
  9. Nt05's In Melbourne

    correct, however I dont know yet if they are the INVO NT05 or NT01, shoot me a pm I will let you know once I know.
  10. Nt05's In Melbourne

    We are personally rec'ing A BIG nitto order late next week( then its overnight shipping to melb), most of the popular sizes back in stock, will update my threads once I know exactly what has been loaded as we have another 3 containers on order for Nitto!
  11. Rohana Rc20's

    We have just placed an order for Rohana wheels, We are getting the RC10 in 20" staggered which will clear big brakes http://www.talebtyres.com.au/products_closeup.asp?part=&part_no=1387 the RC20 we did not order reason being it will not clear big brakes.
  12. 17 Inch Rim For Mt's-Nt05R

    just a heads up for those thinking of going the GTR path. Nissan run a centre bore of 66.1, so you will have to have the hub on the wheel bored out to 70.6 to suit the Ford, also, many Jap wheels come with a 67.1 hub not the 73.1 so keep that in mind so you dont get stuck. Easiest way we've done it is either with the Project D d1r which are fairly light for a 1pc wheel, or the koya wheels which can be made to custom offsets.
  13. post it up and let us know how you go!
  14. We've found the falcon+nitto combo go better on the strip with higher pressure, try a pass on 30-32 next time and you should be pleasantly surprised. Nitrogen is handy for track/drag purposes when you dont want the pressure to fluctuate, when the tyres/air heat up air pressure rises, this doesnt happen with Nitrogen so you can see the advantage when you are trying to control every variable.
  15. Help Me Get The Right Setup - Ute

    I think the question that will help is, has anyone ran the 315 35 17 Drag radials on the FG ute? if so what spec where your wheels and did it require any work ie guards pumped/cut/rolled?

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