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  1. Happy Birthday I6T!

  2. Hey guys, My 2010 50th Anniversary has just clocked up 80,000km in 3 years (I've had it since new) and I haven't really had any problems with it (touch wood) except for a fairly loud clunk when you have been hard on the throttle and suddenly back off. It sounds like an engine mount to me but they are both intact (albeit those spongy fluid filled jobs) Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? Thanks
  3. Happy Birthday I6T!

  4. Happy Birthday I6T!

  5. Happy Birthday I6T!

  6. Mines done 5600km (XR50T Auto) which is mostly 80k stop start city but has also had 2 trips from Melbourne to Canberra so plenty of Highway mixed in. Average at the moment is 11.7 but can get 9's on the Highway.Small price for great Performance IMHO.
  7. I6T

    New Members Thread

    Hi All, Came across the site searching the net for info on uprated engine mounts, thought I would join up. Great info and good to be able to share with like minded enthusiasts. Cheers

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