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  1. Happy Birthday Timmy-XR6T!

  2. Happy Birthday Timmy-XR6T!

  3. Happy Birthday Timmy-XR6T!

  4. cleaned the sensors and seems to be all good now.
  5. must be getting too big as I couldnt see the microswitch and couldnt seem to get my head under the dash to take a better look... eithway, I was reading a somewhat related article which talked about the abs (or dcs) sensors on the rear wheels. I've given them a clean and problem is now gone. not sure how it all links together but seems to have done the trick. will leave it a few days before giving it the complete all clear but looks good so far.
  6. im having the same problem. additionally it takes my brake lights 1 - 5 seconds to turn on which makes driving in traffic interesting. going down this morning to check out brake switch and will pull the wheels off as well to take a look. its annoying the crap out of me.
  7. Guys, looking for any ideas. Just noticed my brake lights take 1 - 5 seconds to turn on when I hit the pedal. Maybe something has come loose? Bout to check the fuses/and/or/relays to see if I can spot anything. Anybody seen this before?
  8. Sam spewing you had to go back to melb - you would have a great time on this cruise! will let you know next time I'm in Melb and let's go for a cruise!
  9. Excellent day guys. Well organised event and big thanks to fierce. Looking forward to the vids and photos. Sent from my HTC Velocity 4G using Tapatalk 2
  10. fierce - where do you want to place them - im assuming outside the car so more engine noise less internal chatter? ill bring mine along no probs.
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