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  1. Happy Birthday JEN-XR6T!

  2. Happy Birthday JEN-XR6T!

  3. Happy Birthday JEN-XR6T!

  4. Happy Birthday JEN-XR6T!

  5. Happy Birthday JEN-XR6T!

  6. Newcastle Area

    hey put me down for newcastle JEN-81A phantom purple XR6T
  7. Newcastle Dyno Day, Wrap-up.

    ok thanks for that input as I said all part of the learning process ;-)
  8. Newcastle Dyno Day, Wrap-up.

    Well for my stock standard t besides the show off valve on her I got 193.8 rwkw I was happy with the outcome and now I know a few minor cheap mods I can do to increase the power. And as for the car that got approx 213rwkw didnt it have an cold air induction system on it and different exhaust setup, which gives it more power. Just curious to know cause it varied a fair amount from the actual stock standard cars!!! Im still learning alot here about cars and just curious on feed back thanks Jen
  9. Dyno Day In Newcastle, Nsw.

    I am now a DEFINITE for the dyno run so see you there guys
  10. Dyno Day In Newcastle, Nsw.

    Well id be in for that hopefully I should finish work by 830am
  11. Dyno Day In Newcastle, Nsw.

    Put me down as a maybe I just have to find out if im working or not that day if I am try and find someone to take my car to it.. Very curious to see what my standard xr6t can get on the dyno. That way I know where I can go from there
  12. What Grade Of Tint Do You Have?

    5% is what I have on mine and its the darkets tint available and 35% on the windscreen and usually the tint is availabe in 5%, 15%,35% and 45% just to let some of you guys know. catch you later
  13. Xr6t Insurance

    Well ppl as I stated before in the last few threads that my insurance is due on my current car which is a honda and that I should sell it and get another xr6t before the 9th of june Well I just sold my honda and got another xr6t in phantom purple I cant wait til monday/tuesday to pick it up. And as for insurance I just done a quick quote through nrma and it will set me back roughly $1100 for a 23 yr old female still need to check with ford insure to see how much they are.
  14. Xr6t Insurance

    well so far the people ill insure my cars with are NRMA and FORD INSURE once I get another XR6T which hopefully wont be long ill go straight back to FORD INSURE. And I have to insure my car by the 9th of next month so I think its time to look for another T instead of paying for insurance on my honda
  15. Xr6t Insurance

    I was 21/22years old when I had my xr6t and I was insured through Ford Insure and I think it was only $1800 roughly from what I remember. And I think NRMA also can insure you cause its a factory standard car with no engine mods done to it. Hopefully soon ill have another xr6t worst mistake ever selling that car Jen

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