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  1. Happy Birthday Endangered!

  2. Happy Birthday Rhino1980!

  3. Happy Birthday Fungrez1000!

  4. Happy Birthday CRAMMED XR6!

  5. Happy Birthday not240!

  6. Happy Birthday cunners!

  7. Happy Birthday Paradoxx!

  8. I can't believe that zip file is still there. I haven't had a Westnet account since 2007! Just incase they delete it I have saved a copy. Steve
  9. Ahh so the initial tune would have been considered "safe" for running in I guess. *Sigh* I miss the T! One day...
  10. How have you been running it in? Is it up for its first oil change?
  11. Paradoxx

    Zf Fluid

    This is what I'm looking at http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevemarr2011/6640121223/
  12. Paradoxx

    Zf Fluid

    Don't know, none of those are listed in my service specification book for BFII Fairmont with 6 Sp Auto
  13. Just getting up to speed here... well done Al. Sounds (and looks) like you have excelled yourself yet again! Steve
  14. Paradoxx

    Zf Fluid

    This http://www.gulfwestern.com.au/Data%20Sheet%20PDFs/syntrans_atf.pdf doesn't mention anything about Ford specification WSS-M2C919-D for the 6 speed auto. It's not mentioned on their website... maybe they just got some stickers made up??
  15. Paradoxx

    Zf Fluid

    Checked with the Ultratune mechanic today, he was under the impression I had a 4 speed p.s. isn't my status supposed to change from "inactive member" back to "Donating Member", which I was originally?
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