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  1. Happy Birthday Brods!

  2. Happy Birthday Brods!

  3. Happy Birthday Brods!

  4. Brods

    Happy Birthday Brods!

  5. Simon just fitted a gt2 to my BF and said it was a *beep* too fit.
  6. Should have just bought the BF gt2 kit. Your in for a massive headache.
  7. I wouldn't be revving past 5.5 if I hadn't done oil pump gears IMO
  8. Think my stock clutch will go before my diff!
  9. Paul is the phn running? Get my ute back tomorrow hopefully. Should go for a squirt soon.
  10. Slicks plus manual = prepare for $$$$
  11. My ute's drivers side front wheel squeaks over small bumps (catseyes) anyone know why?
  12. Rapid uses a chinese core for his coolers. Still gets results.
  13. 1800 is a bit more than 700 haha.
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