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    Xr6T Xf Falcon

    And ran that with a pedal in there to that's f*ckn awesome.
  2. PRESCION 88mm, new Turbosmart Progate, and new dump pipe and exhaust manifold, thankx to TAS PERFORMANCE in Towoomba.. Done an amazing job. ?
  3. Just some more updates, new Precsion 88mm and manifold, with new dump and waste gate..
  4. Thankx Spiro, not really chasing any records as such, just wanna have fun in it. Michael, sold it already mate
  5. U buy harness too??? Thankx for coping
  6. ahh well see what happens this week..
  7. next week all be finished.. running for HI TORQUE PERFORMANCE Dyno day....
  8. Boot nearly finished off, new billet batt clamp,
  9. Where does the bottom of The intrusion bar go to?
  10. 4 link with sheet metal housing, just under $5k, but that's with out diff center or axles, than mods to fit it to car and weld in, so depends on how strong u want to make it is how much the final cost will be.. I have Strange 35spline, full spool, all the good sh*t is in it.. and car has made 700ish with the T400 in mate..
  11. Have the custom surge and 3x044, pumps, with fittings, bolts up and under the l/h/r wheel arch..$1000
  12. What times are you running mate? Need a fixed back seat when u run into the 9's, are you tech inspected and all that?
  13. Umm prob Sydney T&T, heading to powercruise there at end of feb, so will no doubt swing over to drag strip and have a run on the sat night
  14. ^^^^dont copy John lol And yes I will be competing to race, but no I ain't chasing the record holder ATM for fastest XR6T in oz..
  15. Yes John all done. hence new seats also, as need to be a fixed back not a recliner, only thing I have not done is a blanket for auto, if they say I need it, I'll buy it, chute and iso switch and T/S loop done, not chasing the record but have a number I wanna achieve in the car..
  16. yea cage has been tech inspected, ill get more pics of cage when I see it next, u do have to do a pedal mod too.. I still have the Koyas off the car, they are brand new..
  17. Had billet cages in my shafts, helped but still broke them. Have never tried the true trac diff, didn't bother as drive shafts are Always going to break.. So 9" inch is only option comin off transbrake
  18. yea should be good with the diff in, and being able to not worry about leaving the IRS on the start line
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