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  1. Happy Birthday RSWEPN!

  2. I am using an EMS 8860 ECU on a BA XR6T engine in a XF falcon. I got Atomic adjustable cam gears and used the standard XF throttle body. As for sensors, mine is pretty basic. To be honest, I dont use any sensors. No fuel pressure sensor, no air/inlet temp sensor, no oil pressure sensor etc etc
  3. Happy Birthday RSWEPN!

  4. All the coolers mentioned above will do the job you're after. Speak to each company and see who you feel the most comfortable with and give them your business. They all have proven results, even a cheap ebay cooler would do the job.
  5. Speak to Propeller Shaft Services. They recently sorted out an issue on a FG tailshaft that 2 other tailshaft shops couldnt. Address: 14 Ilma St, Bankstown NSW 2200Phone:(02) 9771 2575
  6. Congrats matt, she's making some power with that mph well done.
  7. 740rwkw is alot through a normal GT42 and at only 30psi...any details on the car etc ?
  8. Well done mate. Oh so close to a 9 second pass.
  9. Happy Birthday RSWEPN!

  10. RSWEPN

    Xr6T Xf Falcon

    Actually went 9.5 @ 157mph. Time slip below and a sh*tty incar video.
  11. RSWEPN

    Xr6T Xf Falcon

    Had this on the dyno yesterday. On eflex and 34psi. It the rain holds off, I'll be racing it at Jambo tomorrow
  12. Well done on the car mate, she looks awesome and I like how the cage is painted to match the interior. What sort of numbers are you aiming for in x275 ?
  13. Good luck mate, 4 figures would be awesome When you say you went from the 1.01 housing on the GTX42, are you using a GTX42 rear with a GTX45 front ?
  14. Previous thread discussing these. They are dead quiet, you have to touch it to see if its working. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/82730-holley-fuel-pumps/?hl=%2Bholley#entry1349421
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