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  1. Happy Birthday eicarsto!

  2. Happy Birthday eicarsto!

  3. Happy Birthday eicarsto!

  4. Happy Birthday eicarsto!

  5. Yeah, I thought I had it sorted also by turning the clips the other way...nah! Within a couple of days they had came loose, but at least this time I was ready when the car wanted to launch me into the car in front...way in front I add, as it doesnt take long to gather speed in these machines. My advice is take the drivers side out and complain to Ford...they do know about the problem and apparently it is with engineering awaiting a fix or something. The lady at Ford has been good informing me every week that they are no further forward, but at least she is keeping me updated. I will eventually reach the end of my patience and take it to a lawyer, but I will at least have given Ford ample opportunities to resolve the issue.
  6. UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!!! Well, contacted Ford Customer Care and informed them of the floor mat issues that a few FG drivers are experiancing. Firstly a lovely lady takes my details and then askes me to describe the issue. This is where it gets funny... Me: My floor mats in my FPV come loose and on at least one occasion managed to pin the accelator to the floor. Myself and my wife could have been killed had I not worked out what the problem was... Lady: Were the floor mats attached? Me: Yes, but as usual they come loose which causes the issue. Lady: Did you not stop and reattach them? Me: After that last episode, I threw the bloody thing in the boot! Lady: Aah I see. So the problem no longer exists? Me: Erm, No. Lady: Has it happened before? Me: Yes, once before. I am also a member of an online forum, and a few members have complained about the same issue. Lady: Which online forum? Me: fordxr6turbo.com...several complaints about mats... Lady: Erm...why are you reading xr6turbo forums...when you drive an FPV? Me: Same car really... Lady: Not at all! The FPV is different than the xr6turbo. Me: In what way? The FG xr6turbo is the donor car for the FPV F6. Other than suspension, bigger power and more cost, it is the same car. Lady: Sir, I cant get into a technicality discussion, but trust me they are different cars! Me: Whatever...Log the call and assign me a case number! Lady: Silence....your case number is blah blah....goodbye. Me: Sheesh. Less than a week later I get a call from the lady that is working my case, and she is a lot more switched on. She appears generally concerned about the mat issue and asks me to take it into a dealer to have a look. If the dealer agrees that it is a design fault, she can raise it and potentially advise a recall. Not a problem, I say. Glad to help. She explains she has contacted my service dealer and has discussed it with them and they are aware I am coming in. Ask to speak to *****, he is aware of your problem. A couple of days later I take it into my Ford dealership and ask for *****. Yep, that's me he says and walks outside to check my car. Opens the door, asks me for the mat and the fittings are proceeds to start fitting them. Whoa, big lad! what are you doing? Fitting the mats he replies! Not really any other option, he tells me. No way are you putting that thing back in there, its a potential death trap. How? he replies. I explain about the accelator being pinned and the case of the Toyota in the USA killing the family. He then gets all defensive!!! Toyota has nothing to do with Ford!!! Toyota have their own problems. He also claims this is the first he has heard about the problem in the FG. I hold my temper and explain to him that when the F6 is floored, you dont get long before the car is flying and with the mat pinning the accel it is only a matter of time before someone is caught out by the power in traffic and killed. He then says, "Why did you floor the accel?" wasnt that a stupid thing to do! ...again my temper held (my wife was with me and I promised to behave) I mention to him that at the recent FPV raceday, almost all the FG had their mats in the boot or left them at home...simply because they come loose and are dangerous. He looks at me with utter disdain and asks, "So what do you want me to do with the mat then?" I want you to see why it is dangerous and then log a call with Ford Customer service!, I reply. He just walks away without any word, and comes back with a bloke who looks too young to even be at work. He introduces himself as the service manager, and asks for some info. This guy is awesome, he has a real good look, pulls the mat and attachments apart, pushes and pulls, shakes his head...and finally climbs out the car and says "I agree with you, this thing is badly designed and potentially dangerous" In an instant he has restored my temper to low and I have forgiven his sidekick for being a dick. He then assures me he will contact Ford with a follow up, and that he has my case number. He asks me not to attempt to fit the mat, and drive without it for the time being. So the waiting game begins...it is in the hands of Ford customer services...who claim I am the only one to complain about this so far, but assure me they will look into it with utmost urgency. I will keep you all posted, but if like me you have had the problem please report it to Ford, as if they dont know about it, they are helpless to fix it. Cheers
  7. The problem is that the FG floor mats dont clip in or on to anything... they are simply attached to two useless needles that need to pierce the carpet which does an atrocious job of holding the needles and within a couple of days wiggle themselves free. I have removed the mat from my side as it truly is a danger..and you know what? I am sick of paying truckloads of money for something that doesnt do what it should but always too concerned about what people will think of me if I complain. No more Jose...no more suffering in silence. Rant over...need to destroy...decreasing...:-)
  8. I have sent an email to FPV with a link to Newsroom : Toyota/Lexus Consumer Safety Advisory Potential Floor Mat Interference with Accelerator Pedal / Toyota relating to Toyotas problems and have asked if they have a solution to the FPV floor mats. I will give them a couple of days to reply, but if they dont I will call the number on the webite. If I can pevent the same from happening to someone who has not read this forum and is not aware of the danger with the floor mats, I will be a happy man. Will keep you fellas in the loop...
  9. I fitted the K & N Filter to my FG F6 and would like to clean it after the dust storms, problem is I am not really sure howto? Should I simply rinse it with water to clean it, or is there some special way it needs to be done? Cheers guys, eicarsto
  10. I am thinking of buying a new Plasma TV and modifying the gas chambers...think Sony will fix it if I fark it? No, didnt think so...
  11. Hi All, I have searched tinternet, and the forums but cant find a solution to automatically close the Windows of the car when I lock it and walk away. I dont want to have a Viper or Mongoose installed just to allow me to do this, as I am happy with everything else the alarm and remote entry does. Does anyone know if a plugin module exists for the FG series? Cheers Eicarsto
  12. 09 Suzuki Bandit 1250S Leo Vince Custom Pipe
  13. to the Forums mate. Still waiting for the iPhone issue to be resolved unfortunately.
  14. that's a negative from me too...sorry.
  15. Hmm...S4, Beemer or F6? As a pommie from the motherland who has had his fair share of German engineering I agree they are excellent cars, so much so that when I migrated here 5 years ago went straight to the the AUDI and Beemer garages to "purchase what I was used too". But the prices were crazy compared to the UK..so I settled on a Honda Euro. Great car with great handling, but bugger all power. Once I had achieved what I had set out to do in the past five years, the time was right and I could justify purchasing a new Audi or Beemer..so took the 135 and the 335 for a test drive. Blown away...they were awesome. Ready to purchase the 335...BUT somebody suggested I take the FG F6 for a spin, simply to see how it compared. its a Ford I said...but eventually did. Fixtures and fittings? Nowhere near as good as a Honda half its price...Toys and gadgets? nowhere near what you get in the 335 (at a cost)... BUT...plant that pedal...and the horizon explodes before you...objects in the rear view mirror vanish...the noise from the induction...was utterly mindblowing. Spend $4000 on mods (SATNAV in the AUDI or Beemer) and the car will produce 335Kw!! I dont use my car on the track so while I find the stats interesting they dont really make much difference to me. Is the S4 $70000 better than the F6? Yes if its the car you want, but technically and mechanically I dont believe it is. The inline 6 Turbo engine is 1 of the finest engines I have ever driven. Ever! From a German Loving Europhile converted to a raw instant kick in the ass Ford owner. PS I think the F6 is better looking than both its competition.

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