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  1. Happy Birthday Chop Sticks!

  2. Happy Birthday Chop Sticks!

  3. Happy Birthday Chop Sticks!

  4. Happy Birthday G6Eman!

  5. Happy Birthday silverjet!

  6. Happy Birthday Krazy Kyle!

  7. Happy Birthday hkrupt!

  8. Happy Birthday eicarsto!

  9. Happy Birthday sarrge2001!

  10. Happy Birthday Chop Sticks!

  11. Chop Sticks

    New Xr6t Owner

    Looks TUFF!! I'm still in the market for one too! Just waiting for the right one to come along.
  12. Chop Sticks

    Insurance....merged Topic....

    Being a p-plater I got quoted $6500 and that was standard from just car insurance.

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